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wait...i thought this was supposed to be will`s storyline. Knew it wouldn`t take long before sami`s paws got on it, and it`d be all about her. Naturally she would have some role in it, but not the main focus of wilson`s storyline. Nick is Wilson`s nemesis, but you`d never think it now since the spoilers are leaning sami`s way every week. That sucks. The more prominence sami takes in will`s story the more my interest dwindles. When wilson takes the mainstage of the nick drama again, wake me up.
Where is wayne northrop when you need him? Loved him as roman. Maybe since lynn herring has ventured back to gh perhaps he`ll become interested in returning to daytime.
And the writers are so schizo with the chloe/nicole friendship. One day, they`re buds, and then the next day nicole`s giving jenn pointers. And i`m like what?!?!? Anything to sell dannifer, right writers? At all cosssst! When somebody figures out why the suits are so fascinated with orangeglow, let me know. For the life of me I can`t figure out WHY. And why are dannifer on five friggin days a week? Uggh.
But still...I`m enjoying the show more than I have in ages while I`m not crazy about everything. But of course that`s the case with anything.
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