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just joey

Miss Rhi
Feb 20 2013, 01:26 PM
National Enquirer

Eric makes Taylor an offer that she can't refuse

Brooke is inspired to reclaim her position at Forrester Creations

Carter gets an opportunity that will extend his stay in Los Angeles

Rick's newest interest distracts him from his work

Katie's parental duties take priority over her time with Bill

jcren via Twitter
O.K. Here's my take on MARCH 4ths spoilers. Brooke wants to reclaim her position @ F.C.? Here comes Bill & Brooke , in F.C. " Steam room " :sex: Rick is Distracted from Work ? Riiiiiiight!!!! He is a SUIT, that cannot DESIGN, so what work does he really do? Katies Parental duties keeps her from BILL? YEAH Riiiiight!!! This is done only to justify BILL & BROOKE having an affair!!!! Katie can hire a NANNY / Nurse, For a few hors to give her husband a Passionate , " you won't forget me " Night!! :sex: :makeout:
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