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Loved the Rafe and Nicole scenes. I'm impressed with the friendship and also the acknowledgement of how far they've come to be at this point.

Sami is an impulsive and reckless woman, but to dump her son and run over to the pub to chew out Gabi regresses her too much for me. She came across as a brat, stomping her feet wanting her way and she should be beyond those tactics at this stage in her life.

Will standing up to his mother and showing confidence in handling the future of his relationship with his daughter was great. Of course we know he's not aware of Nick's plans to shut him out, but I like his mature calm attitude. Chandler played those moments perfectly.

I love Julie and feel her character should be incorporated on the show more.

My heart went out to Nicole when she wouldn't give up her mother's necklace.

Abby being thrust into this 'omg she's a virgin, what will Cameron think?' story line just has me shaking my head in disappointment. It's all kinds of lame. I liked her so much better when she was throwing herself at Austin. Those Green Mountain Lodge moments were so entertaining.

Completely burned out on anything Jennifer and Daniel related.
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