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Hi my name is Dollface01
I am mainly interested in The Bold and The Beautiful. Because in Australia we are so far behind I have taken to reading the up coming episodes, I had long been on team Steffy, as over the years I felt the writer wasn't so kind to Taylor and her kids.
I have enjoyed the transformations that are coming up in the characters, especially as I was nearly giving up if I had to see another generation of Taylors getting whipped. I found the writer Mr Bell has resurrected the show. He has shown great foresight changing it around. That shows a good writer that can have a vision for improvement of the show. I felt it was losing its way last year, but it is all coming together with the twists and turns. It appears strange that Brooke is without a man in her life and nearly everyone else has a partner / wife etc. But she still has urges and much to her past I am suitably impressed she hasn't gone passed an illicit kiss with her brother-in-law, The old Brooke would have grabbed him with both hands. It seems all the characters are changing, Brooke has freaked me out how far she will go to win though, and she should not be giving advice but that comes from a woman always getting what she wanted in the past. Keep up with the good story lines.

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