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I know it's early yet, but there's no mention of Dannifer in these March spoilers. While I can be immensely grateful for that, it did make me wonder... Is anyone else starting to think that maybe they changed their minds about bringing JJ back?

We've never heard anything official, so I think the assumption he would return to Salem was based largely on those audition tapes that suddenly showed up on YT last fall. That in itself was odd, given that we don't usually see other Days audition clips.

IIRC, those YT clips appeared quite a while before we heard about the Sydney recast. Yet she's now onscreen. February sweeps are almost over, and there hasn't been a hint from anyone that specifically indicates he's on his way back to Salem.

I'm just wondering if it's possible that, even if they ever were planning to bring JJ back, those plans got scratched somewhere along the way.

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