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It is funny for Brooke to inspired to reclaim her position, I don't think I have actually seen her do much more than interfere in peoples lives and shuffle paper around and have lots of sexual encounters anywhere and everywhere, No wonder she is trying to get a RISE!. It is almost incestuous some of the relationships that do go on. What is with Rick, he tried so hard to break up Caroline with Thomas. Now he scored her and dumped her. Poor old Rick cannot design anything without Caroline, maybe Caroline and Thomas can create together and knock the President out of office. Poor Katie with her parental duties, well it is nice she wants to be a full time mum, she better watch out for her sister though, it gives Brooke a reason to feel guilty after she might happen to have a fling, only by accident though!!!, We all know it takes time to get a routine, but there comes a time we all need a bit of loving and I am sure Bill will use that as an excuse to help Brooke out with the fling. Get a babysitter for the night Katie, don't give them any chances.


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