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Feb 21 2013, 08:53 AM
Feb 20 2013, 02:33 PM
Brooke is inspired to reclaim her position at Forrester Creations
What position???? she has no stock in FC unless she willing to challenge Eric for control of FC.

Rick's newest interest distracts him from his work
Yet he claims he has great business skills,LOL

Katie's parental duties take priority over her time with Bill
Katie and Bill have more than enough money to hire nannies to watch Will 24/7.
Seems Brooke is going to get stock from Bill. That will give her a stake at FC's she deserve it, I don't care what anyone says, she developed the belief formula and she also started the 2 Fashion lines that went over very popular. Brooke hasn't done anything more than Taylor. We all know that, Taylor need to go and take care of her Patients if she have any. She spend most of her time at FC's. LOL!!!! To tell the truth I am glad, because I have watch the show from the beginning since 1987, Bell and his writer's must think we are stupid, all that stuff Taylor is saying is not true, yes Brooke did go out of way to try to get Ridge and that was so wrong, but when Taylor died and left not only once but twice, Ridge and Brooke was together had RJ and and choose Brooke everytime. What are writer's thinking? That some of the older people are dead and gone....I beg to differ.....all that lying and that obession of the Logan's is a broken record, and she sound like a lunatic. When Ridge comes back poor Eric will probably get his heart broken like all the other men Taylor got involved with, and Ridge will go right back to Brooke LOL!!!! What a joke!!! I love what Loose Lips said in his article, did Bell forget his family values or forgot his viewer's have family value's.....LOL!!!
Brooke had her chance to run her own fashion house when she ran Spectre fashions. She bailed and said it was too hard.
Bill has only 12.5% of FC, so that not enough to do some damage. Steffy /Thomas. Ridge shares represent 50% of FC, while Eric 37.5% makes him majority stockholder.
Brooke had 51% of FC but she sold them to start a foundation.
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