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As a former Ghoul Girl fan, I used to always root for Chloe. Even with Nancy and Craig, she was the moral compass of their family, but the writers ruined her back in 2007 or 2008 when they sent Brady to rehab in Europe and brought Chloe back to Salem without him. From then on, she became a one-note character. She's a lousy villain! I can't stand the orange man-whore either, but it actually disgusts me when I find myself rooting for Dannifer just because I can't stand Chloe any more. I agree with the posters above who said, ship Daniel, Chloe, and expressionless Parker out of town. I don't think bringing Jack back will fix things either, not with the horrible writing.

Side note, did anyone catch MR's husband Scott on GH yesterday in only a towel? Dude is ripped and smoking hot, especially for someone in his 40's. What's he doing still married to that haggard harpie?
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