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Sammie Jo
Feb 20 2013, 07:33 PM
Feb 20 2013, 12:51 PM
Sorry about the dyed blonde comment, when I was a teenager I wanted to dye my dark almost black hair blonde or frost it, but my mother said no way in hell, now its turned white or more than frosted on its own, but I have all the characteristics of a dumb blonde joke in a former brunette head, and I am not criticizing any blondes brunettes or redheads or inbetweens I'm just saying I am a joke walking around actually doing what "dumb blondes" are accused of.
don't worry about it, I was just screwing with you anyway. lol
You think you have it bad, not only am I blonde, naturally, just not this shade, but I'm Polish, how many jokes do you think I hear? lmao
Sammie Jo, it's nice to see someone who can laugh at themselves. Now a days, unfortunately, we are so PC that no one has a sense of humor anymore!! :rolleyes:

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