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Viewing Single Post From: Wednesday, February 20th Daily Discussion
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I have been enjoying the potential for an Ericole relationship, and when Nicole professed her love to Eric it hit my why I can't be all in: Nicole was madly in love with Dr. Tan about a week ago and an ILY to Eric at this point seems insincere. Damn Dr. Dan; always messing things up in Salem, even when he's not directly involved anymore!

Jennifer was my favorite today when she called herself boring and uninteresting. Yep. Pretty much.

Sami going off all half-cocked and ridiculous is EXACTLY the Sami that drew me into the show all those years ago. Of course she's being ridiculous and over-the-top, but in this case she also happens to be right, but she's Sami, so who will listen to her? I could not love to watch this Sami more if I tried, and to know that she finally has someone genuinely in her corner? Excuse me while I go hyperventilate.

And how awesomely frustrating is it that Sami's son-- SAMI'S SON!-- is so naive and trusting?! Will being so dense and dumb is so, so perfect that I almost can't stand it.

Man, this show is hitting it so wonderfully on so many different levels right now. If they could just hurry up and end the Dannifer Disaster, they'd be almost perfect.

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