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Harlee Kin
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Feb 21 2013, 01:56 PM
Feb 21 2013, 01:53 PM
Feb 21 2013, 01:11 PM
Sami's not right. She's going to end up being right but it will be because of the way she's going off. If she'd have stayed out of it, it would have happened differently. I'm not complaining because that's part of the drama (though I don't like one single aspect of this story) but she's not right. She's kind of got a self fulfilling prophecy thing going on.
I somewhat agree, but I also think Nick would've taken some of the actions that he's taken regardless of what Sami says or does. Ultimately, Sami is making it much easier for Nick to get Gabi to support his plan (hence the self-fulfilling prophecy part), but that doesn't mean he wouldn't have figurd out another way to get Will out of the picture. It's not like Nick's desire to keep Will out of the baby's life suddenly appeared only after Sami started acting crazy.
True, but from spoilers it appears that Nick doesn't actually blackmail Will until after Sami puts Gabi into premature labor so there is some cause and effect going on. And, as you say, without Sami's interference, I don't think Gabi would be so easily convinced (as I assume she will be) to go along with whatever Nick's plan might be.

My guess is that after Nick's blackmail attempt fails (which it appears it will), they will get the paternity test and it will be switched. And that only happens if Gabi agrees. And if Sami hadn't been such a harpy, I don't think it gets that far.
The only reason anyone has paternity tests in Salem is to switch them, so it is highly predictable that the tests will get switched. *sigh*
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