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Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Richard Culliton

Segment 1: Will comes to his mother at her office at her request. He figures she wants to show off her new engagement ring. Sami has to admit she made a fool of herself. Will can relate. Sami guesses Sonny. Will doesn't want to talk about it. Why did you want me here? She wanted to ask about Gabi's paternity test. Do you have the results? Will - She hasn't taken the test yet. Sami - Why the hell not? We've talked about this. She has to take that test. Will - I know. It's going to happen. We just haven't set a date yet. Sami doesn't like the sound of that. It makes it seem like she's playing games with you. Will - I don't think so. Sami - I know you don't but you have to keep your eyes open here. You don't understand ... if she wanted to she could just marry Nick and put his name on the birth certificate.

Gabi hands Cameron his takeout order. She wants to ask him a question about her baby. She wanted to know about getting a paternity test. Cam asks why she would need a paternity test. Julie walks up - That's a good question. What in the world is going on now? Why in the world are you discussing a paternity test with this charming young man unless you're not sure that Will's really the father. Gabi - No, no, no. Will is the father. Gabi introduces Cam to Julie - he's my doctor and she tells Cam that Julie is Nick's cousin. Cam asks her if she wants to take a walk around the block or ... Gabi - No, it's totally okay. I'll call you. Cam - Are you sure? Gabi - Positive. Cam leaves. Julie doesn't understand why she's even thinking about getting a paternity test. Those things can be dangerous for the baby. Gabi - I was afraid of that. It's just that Will won't back down. Julie - Why would Will insist ... this has Sami Brady written all over it.

Abby walks up to Courtney at the nurse's station ands asks if Dr. Davis is around. I owe him a dessert. Courtney - He's on break but I can make sure he gets that. It's the least I can do after accusing him of sexual harassment. Abby - What! Courtney - It was just a big misunderstanding. He asked me what the Golden Circle club was and I thought he was asking ... well it doesn't matter what I thought because I was totally wrong. Abby - What did you tell him? Courtney - I told him what it was; a high school club for kids waiting for marriage to have sex.

Just as Jen is going to go after Dan Abe and Theo walk up and greet her. Abe was going to stop over at her office. I'm working on a project to repair the damage done by those tunnel explosions and I was hoping the hospital would help with a fundraiser. Jen - Yes, absolutely. I'll call you soon and we'll work on that. Theo starts talking. Jen tells him she likes his hat. Abe and Theo head off and Chloe comes face to face with Jennifer. I'm glad I ran into you. We really need to talk.

Nicole joins Rafe at a table at Common Grounds. Thanks so much for meeting me here. Nicole gives him a big hug. I really need to talk to you. Rafe - What's up. Nicole - I just wanted to say goodbye. I'm leaving Salem. Rafe - Why? Nicole - Because there's nothing for me here. Rafe - One, that is not true. And two, where are you going to go? Nicole - Well I don't have any family or friends here ... Rafe - Really! Nicole - I'm sorry ... I'm living in a convent for God's sake. Rafe - Then for God's sake move, get an apartment in Salem. Is this about Daniel? Nicole - No. Part of me still cares about him but he's not the reason. Rafe - What is this thing that you're not telling me. Oh wait a minute. This is about Eric.

Eric kneels down in the rectory to pray. Heavenly Father, I just want to say ... the gunman jumps in ... Bless me Father for I have sinned. The gunman has to steady his hand. He tells Eric to stand up and open the safe and he doesn't want any crap about it. I've been casing the place. I know that's where you keep the collection. Eric - What's your name friend? Guy - I am not your friend. Eric - Your hand is shaking. You're having some kind of withdrawal. Guy - I'm shaking with excitement. Eric - I want to help you but stealing to buy more drugs is not the answer. Guy - I don't remember asking you any questions. He pistol whips Eric in the head sending him flying to the floor. If you want to help me Father just give me the damn money.

Segment 2: Nicole - What would make you say something like that. Why would you think that Eric is the reason for my leaving. Rafe - Oh I don't know maybe because the last time I was in the church; granted I may have been a little inebriated but I walked in on a lot of tension there. Nicole - No, this is not Eric's fault. I think it would be best for everyone if I left St Luke's and Salem. Rafe - That's a little extreme don't you think? Nicole - No because everywhere I look in this town there's a bad memory. I think it would be best just to have a clean break. Rafe - I'm going to miss you. Nicole - You're one of the very few. They laugh. Rafe - If you would have told me a year ago that I'd be sitting here saying I'd miss you ... I will. Anyway ... Nicole - Just don't let Sami hear you say that. Rafe - I don't think there's much danger of that. And for the record, everything she said about you, everything else for that matter is wrong so ... Nicole - I ran into EJ and he told me they were back together. What's that about? I'm so sorry. Rafe - I'm not. After everything she did and said to my sister I don't give a damn about that woman. Nicole laughs. Yeah, we both know that's not true.

Gabi - You really think the paternity test would be dangerous for the baby? Julie - I want you to make sure it's safe before you agree to it. Gabi - I'm going to talk to Cameron about it first. Nick says we might not even have to go through with it. Julie - Be prepared for a fight on that one. I know Sami ... Sami and I have a few traits of character in common ... she's not going to back down. Gabi - It just gets me so mad. Will, Nick and I had everything worked out. It's like she wants us to be enemies or something. Julie - You have Nick and your brother and a whole lot of Hortons to support you. Just try and concentrate on taking care of yourself and the baby. Gabi will. Julie gives her a hug. Everything's going to be just fine. After Gabi goes back to work Julie mutters - And I'm going to make sure it is, Sami!

Chloe - I just wanted to clear up any confusion from this afternoon. Jen - You mean confusion about misleading me purposedly. Chloe - It wasn't on purpose. Jen - I think every move that you've made since coming back to Salem has been on purpose. I think you found great delight in telling me you were moving into Daniel's apt but it slipped your mind to tell me that he wouldn't be staying there with you. Chloe - Wow. I guess I didn't realise just how insecure you really are. Chloe drops her packages and some 'apparell' slips out. Jen can see she's been shopping. I'm not insecure and I'm not stupid. I know exactly what you want and you're not going to get it.

Segment 3: Rafe - Now look, I could not care less that Sami is with EJ. They deserve each other. Nicole - So your little bender the other night had nothing to do at all with Sami. Rafe - Nope. Nicole - Liar, liar, liar. Okay. Rafe stands up - Don't leave town without calling me first. Nicole wouldn't dream of it. They hug. Rafe - Are you sure you want to go? Nicole - I think I have to. Bye.

As Eric is stuffing the money from the safe into a bag he tells the guy he really doesn't have to do this. Guy - How about you take a vow of silence. Eric - I can help you. God can help you. Guy - I'm pretty sure God forsake me a while ago. Eric - Maybe it was the other way around. Guy - Either way, I'm pretty sure He owes me this one time payoff. Eric - We both know this is not a one time thing. You have a disease. It's called an addiction and the thing that sucks about this is that these things get worse and worse if you don't get help. Guy - Did you ever hear the one about waiting in silence? He pushes the gun into Eric's chest. Shut up. Quit stalling or things really are going to get worse.

Abby comes into the pub and asks Gabi if she's seen Cam. Gabi - He was just here. He probably went back to work. What's wrong? Abby - I don't know. Maybe nothing. Maybe everything.

Will - Wow! I have to say that I'm so surprised that you are trying to take over my life. Sami claims she isn't. Will - So when the baby's born do you want to name her, pick out clothes for her, you want to chose a school for her, you want to arrange a marriage for her. Sami - Stop exaggerating. Will - Listen to me. I'm saying that I'm handling this very well. Nick and Gabi are going to be part of my child's life and it's best for her if we all get along. Sami - I'm just trying to look out for you. Will - I know and I'm trying to look out for my kid so we're just going to make sure this test is safe before we go ahead with it. Sami - It is safe. I would never ... Will - That's not your call. We're going to talk to a legitimate doctor before we make that decision. Sami - Okay, then go do it. Go talk to any doctor. They'll tell you it's just a simple blood test. They take the mother's blood and they can get the baby's DNA from it. Will - Thank you for prepping for this debate but it's really not your decision to make. Julie pipes up from the doorway. Will, your mother doesn't really understand that concept. Sami dear, you and I need to have a little talk.

Chloe - What I want? What are you talking about? Jen - I'm talking about a very desperate and needy woman who is using desperate measures to get Daniel back in her life. Chloe - Why do you keep making these baseless accusations. Jen - Because you keep doing these underhanded things and you are so exceedingly transparent. Chloe - Wow. All I've done is brought Daniel his son; the child he and I conceived when we were deeply in love. I'm sorry if this is difficult for you to hear. Jen - It's not difficult for me to hear because I know exactly what you're doing but the one thing you don't know about yourself is that you don't catch subtleties hence my idea to be really direct with you and try and penetrate this delusional fog that you are living in. Chloe - Wow, you are really starting to sound paranoid. I understand you've been going through some difficult times ... Jen - I have been but those difficult times have made me stronger not just for myself but for my children so I am not paranoid. I am self-protective. Chloe - I admire your strength and devotion to your children. Jen - And I admire the mom that you are because I look at your son and he's so happy. He's a really well-adjusted child. Chloe - Yes he is. Jen - But I don't admire your effort in trying to get this man back in your life that doesn't want anything to do with you. Chloe - I am not doing that. You just got through saying we have to be strong for our children so why can't you grasp the idea that everything I'm doing is for my son. I'm simply trying to give my little boy as much time with his father as possible. Doesn't he deserve that? Doesn't any child?

Eric closes the money bag. I pray for you. The guy grabs it. Nicole walks in - Eric I have to tell you ... they guy grabs Nicole and holds the gun to her head. Eric - Do not hurt her.

Segment 4: Gabi - Let me get this straight. In high school you took a pledge to not have sex until you were married. Did you have to join that club, could you just not have had sex? Abby - It was a way to stay strong. Gabi - Unless things have changed since the last time we spoke you still meet the eligibility requirements, right? Abby - Yes, I'm still a virgin and now Cameron knows about it. Gabi - You can talk to him. Maybe he's going to admire you for it. Abby - Maybe or maybe he'll think I'm a complete freak of nature.

Sami - Julie, this isn't a very good time for me actually. Julie - Well it's important and it won't take long. Will - I will leave you two alone. Sami - No you won't. We're not done talking. Julie - Actually I would prefer that you stay because this concerns you. Sami, I understand your paternal instinct to protect your son but in this instance you really need to back off. Sami - I don't know what you're talking about. Julie - Just what you and Will were talking about, a paternity test ... totally unnecessary and possibly dangerous. Sami - Oh I see, Gabi sent you here.

Dan joins Maggie in the living room of the mansion. He has put Parker down for a nap. Maggie has to tell him something. The demands that Chloe made to Victor and me to make green changes in the house ... we were actually doing them. We've cleaned the air ducts and we're changing our drycleaners. Dan - So something positive came out of that after all. Maggie - What I really wanted to talk to you about ... I'm pretty convinced that Chloe deliberately pushed Victor's buttons in order to get him to throw her out of this house. She used his temper to get closer to you. Dan - You know what, you and Jennifer need to trust me because I love Jennifer and there's nothing Chloe does that will change that. Maggie - You're right we should trust you. So if you really love Jennifer why are you so angry with her. After everything she's been through with Chloe and Nicole, so she slipped up. Maybe she had a gut load of Chloe's games and she made a mistake. Dan - It would have been nice if she had apologised, admitted that she was wrong. Maggie - She did. Didn't you get her message.

Jen - So this is just about Parker. It has nothing to do with wanting Daniel back in your life. Chloe - I want what's best for my son. Jen doesn't believe her. Chloe lets her know something she learned in high school - You can be funny and smart but you'll get nowhere in life if you don't have the charisma to back it up. Just saying, some people have it, were born with it and others, not so much. Jen - What weren't you born with Chloe? Sensitivity, a kind heart, character? Chloe - I'm not going to stand here and be insulted by you. Jen - Oh but it's okay for you to insult me by telling me I have no charisma which is a code name for dull and boring. Chloe - I wasn't talking about you specifically. I was making a general statement. Jen - I think you believe Daniel will chose you over me, don't you?

Segment 5: Jen - I guess you're not going to answer me. There's no need to respond. That grin on your face speaks volumes. Chloe - You really are paranoid. Jen - No I'm not. I just wish Daniel could see you for who you really are. Chloe - Oh yeah, and does he see you for who you really are. I know everyone in Salem thinks you're sweet and adorable. Jen - And you think I'm an ice princess because I can see through you. Anyone can see through you, I'm not in the minority. I think that you are a manipulator and contrary to what you might think, Daniel is getting wise to your ways. Chloe - He can wise up til the cows come home but the fact remains I am the mother of his child so that bond will keep him from ever pushing me too far away. Ever. And one more thing, this is not a war of words, it's a different field of battle. And for the record, Daniel likes it when I'm wearing one of these - she holds up her bag, or nothing at all. After she leaves Jen mutters - You're a pathetic woman.

Dan - Oh come on, you're kidding me. Maggie - She left you a note at the hospital saying she was sorry. Dan never got it. Maggie - I didn't think you had. You wouldn't have just ignored it. That's why I told Jen to go and talk to you in person. Dan - Son of a ... She went to my apt to apologise and Chloe was there and told Jen that she had moved in. Maggie - What a lovely way to get that news. Dan - This is all screwed up. I went to her house to explain to her, to tell her that I'm sorry and neither of us got a chance to apologise. We got into this knock down, drag out fight ... Dan gets a text from Jen. She wants to see me. Maggie - This time try not to screw it up.

Julie - Sami, you know that I don't take orders from anyone. Sami - Right, but Gabi didn't send you here to plead her case. Julie - Yes, I'm here to plead her case. She did not send me. She doesn't even know I'm here. Sami - She just told you about the paternity test ... she didn't expect you to do anything about it? She manipulated you. She's good at that. Will - God, Mom, you're going to sit there and accuse Gabi of being manipulative. Sami - Could you please just ... Will - Are you going to tell me to butt out because aren't we actually talking about my life here? Julie - That's exactly right. I think Will and Gabi and Nick are handling a difficult situation beautifully. I just don't want to see your mother get in the middle of it and stir things up. Will - My mother stir things up? Sami - Let me ask you something Julie. Why are you on Nick's side? Will is your family too. Julie - I'm not on anybody's side Sami. I'm trying to stop you from making the situation worse. Will - Well good luck with that. Sami - So you agree with her Will. Will - Yeah, I do. I know you always want to do something more but seriously can you just not ... don't do anything this time please. Sami - Okay fine. I can't make any promises but I will try to back off. Julie - I thank you too. I think everything is going to be just fine. Will, I'm glad you were here. I'm very proud of you. She leaves. Will - Mom, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. Sami - Oh you know, you dish it out, you've got to be prepared to take it. There are some other things I'd like to talk to you about. Do you want to stay? I bet you're hungry. There's great snacks in the kitchen. Can you grab me a protein bar while you're there. Will leaves. Sami picks up the phone and tells the secretary she's going out for a bit. Hold all my calls.

Eric tells the guy to just let her go and walk away. Guy - Not without her jewelry. Nicole - No! Eric - Just do what he says. Guy - Lady, you're not in a position to say no to me. Just put it on the desk. Nicole does as he says. Guy - The necklace too. Nicole - It was my mother's. It's not even worth that much. Please don't. Guy - Give it to me otherwise you die!

Segment 6: Chloe lets Ann into Dan's apt. Ann makes reference to Chloe downsizing from a mansion with servants to cozy. Chloe wanted cozy. Just mommy, daddy and baby. Ann - Has something gone horribly wrong? Chloe - Yeah, Daniel moved into a hotel. Ann - What a surprise. Another one of your schemes didn't go the way you wanted it to. Chloe - Just leave, I need a friend right now, not a critic. Ann - There's more isn't there. Chloe - I kind of blew up at Jennifer. I lost control and I think I overplayed my hand.

Dan is at Jen's. I don't like the way we fought before. I hated it. One of the things I regret most was just me being such a ... let's be kind ... jerk. Jen - As I recall, I kind of gave as good as I got. Dan - Yeah. Maggie also shared something else with me. She said that you left a message at the hospital for me and then you figured out that I didn't get it which is why you went to my apt. That's where you ran into Chloe. I guess I should have talked to you about her moving in before ... I tried to and you were going to apologise and I was going to apologise and then I got so screwed up ... you and Abigail, I was just so mad at you because you were right and guys we hate that. I'm sorry. Jen - You talked a long time. Dan - I'll keep talking because I want to get this back to the way it was. Jen - You know what I could be the kind of woman that lets you stretch this out but I want to get back to where we were. Dan - I'm so glad to hear you say that. Jen - I just want you to know that I'm sorry that I lied, so sorry. But I also have to tell that I've had a gut load of Chloe playing me. Dan - Maggie told me the same thing. Jen - I am sorry that I jumped all over you. Dan is so glad they had this chance to talk. The only reason he didn't tell her about Chloe moving in is because he didn't want to tell her over the phone; he wanted to do it in person. Jen doesn't want to talk about this anymore. Neither does he. Jen - I think we should just kiss and make up. Dan thinks that is a great idea.

Sami stomps up to Gabi in the pub. I'm interested to know why you decided to use Will's own family against him. Gabi - What? Sami - You sent Julie to do your dirty work for you. Will rushes in - Oh God. I knew it. You realise just 7 mins ago you told me you were going to leave Gabi alone and you were going to back off. Sami - And I will. I will back off. I just want to ask her a simple question. I want to know why she hasn't had the paternity test. Gabi - I don't want to do anything that could possibly hurt the baby. Will - That's what I told you and I back her up 100%. Sami - It won't hurt the baby. Gabi - That's not what Julie said. Sami - You listened to Julie? She hasn't had a paternity test since Nixon was president. Go to a doctor. Ask a professional. Let's go to the hospital right now, we can find out, shall we. Rafe storms up - Really! What the hell do you think you're doing?

Eric tells Nicole to give him the necklace. Nicole - No. It's the only thing I have left of my mother and I'm not going to give it to this crazy hophead. The guy snaps - Give me the necklace. As he tries to rip it off her neck, Nicole stomps on his foot with her heels causing him to loosen his hold - Eric tackles the guy and sends him flying. As Eric tends to Nicole the guy knocks Eric out using the wooden cross.

Segment 7: Abe with Theo tells Cameron that it makes Lexie very happy that he and Theo are getting to know each other. Cam - That's one of the reasons I'm glad I stayed in Salem. Abe - Good. So we'll see you Tuesday? Cam - Yeah. They leave. Abby comes up to Cam. Do you have time to talk?

Chloe - This isn't really about Daniel, it's about Parker. I grew up bouncing from one foster home to another and I'm determined that Parker is going to have a stable, loving home with both of his parents. I think I may have pushed it too hard this time. Now that Jennifer knows that I'm after Daniel who knows what she'll do to fight back. Ann - She'll do the obvious. She'll turn him against you.

Dan thinks they need another little getaway. Third time's the charm. Jen - Or 3 strikes and you're out. I just think there's more things we need to talk about, specifically Chloe. Dan - I know she hasn't been making this easy for you. If there's anything I can do ... Jen - There is. I think you need to make it clear to her that you've moved on and there's no chance that the 2 of you are getting back together. Dan - I'm not sure I can be clearer than I've already been. Jen - It's not sinking in because she wouldn't be buying lingerie if she was ready to throw in the towel. I'm just telling you she's not going to give up and I just think there's only one thing you can do. I know you're not going to like it, I don't like it. Dan - What are you talking about? Jen - I've given this a lot of thought and I think that you just need to not have any contact with her. I know you share custody of Parker, I know you have to do that. But I think you can tell her that you can't see her or hear from her at all.

Rafe - You're going to back off and you're going to back off now. Sami - No, she is stalling about getting that paternity test and I'm not going to sit around and do nothing about it. Rafe - That is not your call. Sami - Actually it is because if she is stalling that is proof that she and Nick are trying to pull something on Will. Gabi - No! That's not true. I'm trying to do what is best for the baby. Rafe - Do you see this? That is not backing off and that is what's going to get you a restraining order. Do you understand? Will - Mom, please, please go back to the office. Sami - I am not doing anything wrong here. She is the one who is lying and manipulating ... Rafe - One more word out of you and I am calling a lawyer. Sami starts screeching. Will covers his eyes and shakes his head. Gabi pleads with them to stop. All of a sudden she grabs her stomach - OMG! OMG, the baby. Sami rolls her eyes.

The gunman takes off. Nicole kneels over Eric - Are you okay? She pulls her hand away from his hand and sees blood on it. Eric, say something. She cries. Eric - You can't die on me. you can't. Eric, I love you.
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