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Rafe (to Nicole): "If you would have told me a year ago that I'd be sitting here saying I'd miss you ... I will."

:wub: I'm so glad the writers chose not to involve these two romantically, because their friendship is awesome! I wish Days had more guy/girl friendships on this show. Gering and Zucker have great buddy chemistry!

Sami vs. Julie was made of total WIN. These two should be featured more often as rivals. The best part is that Julie always knows exactly how Sami is thinking because, as Julie says, she and Sami "share many qualities". I also love Sami and Rafe as enemies. For the first time (for me) since before the "Imposter Rafe" storyline, these two are enjoyable in scenes together!

Chloe/Daniel/Jennifer... I just cannot bring myself to get invested in this story. For me, this is the story dragging the show down.

Once again, Eileen Davidson gives me a hundred more reasons to love Kristen. Glaring at Marlena, tossing pillows around, slamming down photographs, and vowing to destory Brady... Classic soap villainess!

And Eric/Nicole... Oh my, still loving the writing for these two! It is clear that the writers have been putting thought into them. Still eager to see where this story goes!
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