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Q: Why now?

JW: Mostly the 50th. It was a way to honor GH since it launched his career.

Q: Have your kids watched you and Kristina on GH?

JW: They're more interested in their own lives.

Q: What was it like to be back at the studio?

JW: Positive and hopeful. Connect with Robin M, Lynn H, Tony G, make-up people, and the crew right away. Finally met Frank V in person after many phone calls.

Q: How was it working with Kristina again?

JW: First day with Kristina and JJY was a bit strange and uncomfortable. He thinks they were all nervous, but wanted it to be special.

Q: How long are you back?

JW: Limited run. That's how they've chosen to do it.

Q: You're a social media man because of Twitter.

JW: He was told by producers that he had to do it when he was on DWTS. He tries to use it as a safe place for people to share their struggles with alcohol, drugs, etc... He also uses it to educate about his cause, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Q: What made you decide to be open about your sobriety?

JW: During recovery, he found he got better when he gave back to others and helped others get well.

Q: how long have you been sober?

JW: over 7 years and 5 years in Al-Anon

Q: About NLG's tweet...

JW: At times, we all put our foot in our mouth, unintentionally or not. Sometimes Twitter makes people feel entitled. He doesn't think anyone should use Twitter or anything else to verbally abuse or criticize anyone. This isn't specifically about Nancy. His only response to that is to just say, "Sorry you feel the way you feel. I'm not sure if you understand that it's a sensitive issue. All the best to you." He has talked to Nancy since then. She apologized and they've cleared the air.

Q: You went public about your surprise daughter

JW: He realized the strength and courage it took for her to find her mother and father. He thought she was very articulate when she said "Make sure you're ready, because it's not always a happy ending. You have to be strong and you have to be emotionally ready." in response to an audience question during DWTS.

Q: It kinda mirror the Maxie and Frisco relationship in a strange way

JW: He was holding back tears during scenes with Kirsten S because it brought up so much raw emotion. Kristina was the first person that he called when his daughter found him, so it's all raw and real.

Q: Your relationships have become tabloid fodder at times.

JW: That happened a lot while he was with Heather Locklear. You have to learn how to let stuff go because you can't address everything. You just have to get through the week because next week it'll be someone else on the cover.

Q: You left B&B last year

JW: He has nothing but great things to say about B&B and Brad Bell, a close friend of his. The last couple of years were a struggle to come up with story for Nick, but that happens when you're with a show for a while. He thinks they made a shift to the younger group of actors on the show, but he doesn't blame them for that. They were paying him, Susan F, Ron M a lot money, and shifting the story to the younger actors that make less is a survival technique and you've got to do what you've got to do.

Q: Your focus is on GH now

JW: He loves to collaborate, get notes, and to feel as if a scene is fleshed out even though they work quickly. He gives credit to Frank V becuase he is the driving force behind the creative resurgence. Everyone he's in contact with is thrilled and inspired and enthused about GH.

Sidebar - they are talking about him singing at the Nurse's Ball.

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