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Miss Rhi
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Heather/Olivia Showdown!
Olivia comes home to discover a butcher knife-wielding Heather. The situation escalates (expect it to be stretched out over 6 or 7 segments).
Is Steve on the receiving end of Heather's knife? Lisa LoCicero says it's a very bloody week, but there is a little life left in Steve and there are going to be surprises.

Kate Reels Over Trey
When Kate learns that Connie authorized pulling the plug on Trey, Kelly Sullivan says that Kate is angry at Sonny and Olivia for letting Connie take away her chance to say good bye to Trey. She asks why they didn't wait for her. When Sonny tries to tell her that Connie went through a lot as well, Kate is incredulous that he is defending Connie. She feels like she has been slapped, stabbed in the back, and alone. This is on top of the fact that Sonny cheated on her, with her alter.

Erin Hershey Presley - Alison - appears on Feb 27 (with Lucy) and Feb 28 (with Rafe) in apparition form.

What Will Happen
- Frisco leaves an important message for Felicia
- Duke sneaks into the Q manse
- Heather finds Rafe at Wyndamere

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