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Feb 21 2013, 03:52 PM
In an old Soap Opera Encyclopedia I have published in 1997 it lists Diane Parker being played by:

Dana Kimmell 1983 - 1984
Cindy Fisher 1984
Deanna Robbins 1984 - 1985

Then again my book has no character by the name of Patti Griffin.
Yes, the Diane character seems to have the most mistakes in the history books!

There was no Diane until 2/22/84. So Dana Kimmell (nor anyone else) played Diane in 1983. I even checked to see if there were any "unnamed" hookers of Foxy's who appeared in mid-late 1983 (Diane starts off in her first scene as a hooker who works for Foxy Humdinger), but there weren't any after January 1983, because the actress who played Foxy (Diane McBain) was beaten badly in real life (and if I remember correctly from reading, also raped) at the end of 1982. So they "suspended" the whole "Foxy liking Doug" storyline for an entire year while Ms. McBain was recovering from her assault. After January 1983, Foxy didn't appear again until January 1984.

UPDATE: Diane McBain was assaulted on Christmas Day, 1982...here's the story: http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=QGtWAAAAIBAJ&sjid=q-kDAAAAIBAJ&pg=5662,9853684&dq=diane+mcbain+raped&hl=en

Pamela Ludwig is not listed in any of the history books as Diane. Her name seems to have been replaced by Cindy Fisher in the books erroneously.

The correct Diane order is:
Pamela Ludwig 1984
Dana Kimmell 1984
DeAnna Robbins 1984-1985

On a side note, I didn't realize until researching this week, that Cindy Fisher is the wife of YR's Doug Davidson. They happened to get married in real life just as Diane Parker arrived in Salem!

I took all Cindy Fisher-related Diane Parker stuff off my website today. But she remains a part of the Days "family" since she played Patti Griffin in the 1970s.
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