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Viewing Single Post From: Thursday, February 21st Daily Discussion

Feb 21 2013, 02:59 PM

Jen is asking far too much of Dan but she's dead right about Chloe ... Dan will figure that out when he's walking down the aisle to remarry Chloe asking himself how he got here.
I can't see Daniel as a victim, ever. If, in the unlikely event that he does end up at the altar with Chloe again, it'll be because he chose to put himself there. Just as he chose to have sex with Nicole and help her cover up her son's paternity. Just as he chose to compete with Jack for Jen's love. Just as he chose to pursue Chloe when she was engaged to Lucas. For all the coddling he receives from the women in his life, Daniel's a grown-ass man, and it's time he took the heat for his own decisions. Jen-Jen's running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to "save" him from wicked, scheming hussies like Nicole and Chloe :rolleyes: is beyond ridiculous and just makes her look controlling, presumptuous, and obsessed.
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