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Feb 21 2013, 03:51 PM
Feb 21 2013, 02:08 PM
Panda Panda
Feb 21 2013, 01:32 PM
I miss when Will hated Sami. Can they bring that back?
I will NEVER understand why this show insists on only letting him hate her for a few months at a time. Especially now that Ejami are together, he should be a constant thorn in their side. But they insist on sucking all the drama and angst that would make sense.
This points toward the major problem I'm seeing with Days, specifically the problem I see with romance on the show. I think the romance is dull because the show fears asking ME! to root for couples with some real drama potential. They try to make the couples rootworthy by not giving them any conflict of substance. Of course I would point to Dannifer as the poster child for this kind of lackluster romance. We were refused a real Jack and Jennifer story with some internal sources of angst, and now we are back to Dannifer, and it's, "Root for them; we're telling you to. They're the good guys. See, Maggie says so. And Chloe's evil now." It was a similar situation with Days trying to push dull Safe for so long. But that's why I think what they've done with EJami is a shame too. Now, that was a pair with some hurdles, but the show seems to want to sweep the hurdles away, so Will's gotta support Sami (and rape and bullets to the head are given only a nod). Don't sweep it away, Days, use it! If the show can't have some faith that ME! will root for a couple with big odds against them, maybe that's a sign that the couples the show is creating are weak, although I actually think Ejami had a lot of power, considering the way people have held onto them through some very poor writing, but the show didn't even try to test it, and I feel like Ejami's been turned into just another couple. I guess Brady/Kristen might have some real internal conflict, but to me, Brady's such a nothing of an interchangeable male that it doesn't matter. I think there's some hope for Eric and Nicole because they've got a built in source of conflict that doesn't really test ME! in ways the show seems afraid to test us. I hope that was coherent, and this is, admittedly, based on extremely limited viewing, as I really don't watch regularly anymore, because the show doesn't make me care about the characters. In fact, it's actually gotten me to stop caring about characters whom I have loved. Eric and Nicole sound like the most promising thing though. I think the show kinda wasted Ejami.
I wish that the writers would've made the obstacle to Ejami getting together this January their own past issues (lord knows they have enough of them), rather than Ejamafe v. 3.0. To me, that would've been a much more powerful way to get them to "lock, stock and barrel" rather than another round of the triangle that seemed stale three years ago. But I guess that's over and done with. Going forward, I'm hoping they use parental disapporoval to at least create some interesting conflict with Ejami and maybe even some conflict that forces them to flesh out some of their past crimes against each other. Overcoming their history can and should be a way to make them a more interesting and stronger couple. I'm not holding my breath though.
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