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I do hope something is made of Sonny keeping a huge secret about the mother of Will's child from Will. Just as it was understandable that Will kept the baby secret from Sonny in the first days when they hadn't even decided to go through with the pregnancy, Sonny had a very good reason not to tell Will about what Gabi did to Melanie. Legally, completely bogus, but good in Salem logic. Now, however, Gabi is far more than an ex girlfriend that Will is friendly with, and Sonny should tell Will, consequences be damned. Frankly, Chad should tell him, too.

I do love Sonny's goodness however. Given the chaos of Will's childhood and the chaotic personality of his mother, he needs a good-guy boyfriend. Sonny is the right guy for Will, though I do wish they'd give Sonny his own storyline. Abby's got her nose stuck into the Dannifer mess. Sonny could help talk her down from that, at the very least. He's got every reason to be over at the Kiriakas place.
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