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Feb 21 2013, 08:15 PM
Feb 21 2013, 02:00 PM
OMG! I loved that cliffhanger ending! Yes, Sami was wrong to go back in to see Gabi, but she really didn't do anything wrong beyond that. She didn't say anything out of line to Gabi, but BOY will no one believe that. "The Baby Won't Survive!" What a Friday cliffhanger -- ON THURSDAY!
Sami had no business going into the room knowing that her behavior upset Gabi causing a medical emergency.I don't blame Gabi for panicking on waking and seeing Sami.
I can't remember the last time Sami has seen Gabi without walking up on her while yelling at her and calling her names.Sami may start off apologizing but based on her past behavior it would not be long before she started gettintg all aggressive making it all about how she was wronged by everyone lying to her, how she is only looking out for Wiill,and how she was not going to allow Gabi to keep Will out of his daughter's life even though Gabi has made it perfectly clear she wants Will to be a part of the baby's life.If Sami truly cared about the baby and Will she would have put Gabi and the baby's welfare about what she wanted to do to make herself feel better.I actually wished Arianna was alive so she could punch that bitch in the face.
Just watched the episode and I have to agree on this for a couple of reasons.

1) Will asked Sami on two separate occasions to leave Gabi alone. Neither time did she listen. She is going around preaching about respecting Will's rights as a father, probably the most adult undertaking he will ever have, and yet SHE doesn't respect his judgement as a person. I fear for Will's sanity when this baby is born. She'll be stalker grandmonster.

2) Sami may have had totally innocent intentions when walking into Gabi's room, but in the end the motivations were selfish. She was told it was not a good time. Her son asked her NOT to do it. Sami, however, wanted absolution NOW. Gabi freaked, and rightfully so given recent history. When EJ defends her all I can say is good luck, unless he intends to employ an insanity defense while wearing an "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt.

Jennifer's idea of how to handle Chloe is off the wall. She has a point, but then she takes it into la-la land. At Parker's next birthday will they need a DMZ? Hang a curtain so Chloe and Daniel cannot speak? What kind of life is she wishing on Parker?

Abby is a virgin? Move along show...please.

Ericole....starting to like them more. Eric's showing feelings for her too, so I am glad they are not making her chasing after an indifferent male.

As far as Nick being treated as more of a Horton, I think given the combative nature of the Sami/Lucas custody situation they may have bonded with Nick more. Will could be Horton enough to Hear a Whoooo, but given interference.

As far as EJ making millions on his make-up, the show could also give him magic powers and enroll him in Hogwarts. Doesn't make it believable.
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