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Harlee Kin
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Feb 21 2013, 10:07 PM
Feb 21 2013, 08:50 PM
I'm just catching today's episode after missing another week or so and ... I realize all I ever come back here for is to bitch about Dannifer but seriously, Jennifer seems so fucking fragile and so does this relationship. Can Chloe make their lives a total pain in the ass to live? Sure. But chip away at their relationship? What can she possibly do to their bond if it's the real deal? Maybe I'm being too romantically idealistic, I know love is complicated but it seems like such a fragile thing if she's crying about Chloe. She really does have to go nuts to make sense to me, something is off, man.

I saw Doctor Kayla! She looks pretty.

Abby was in a high school abstinence club? Who is this girl and when can I get back Megan Corletto's Abby?? Also ugh on calling Chloe a slut, wouldn't "manipulative asshole" been enough?
Loving dr kayla.

But gets me thinking why is Cameron so unbelievable as a dr. There are so many medical shows. Surely it's in acting 101 how to seem like a dr. He makes Nathan seem positively professional. I am even missing Carly.
I too could do without the new rendition of Abby. Remember the worldly wise one that left for England? What happened to her? The writing is just NOT believable and after everything Jennifer has been through she is going to go crazy over dating Daniel for a month and then having Chloe return? Silly.
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