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Feb 19 2013, 02:19 PM
Feb 19 2013, 01:48 PM
What gets me with these spoilers is the true conflict seems between Sami and Nick. Gabi and Will are incendential players in their pissing match, just forget the fact that they are the actual parents of this child. Sami threatens, Nick responds, and both are going to put the people they claim to love in prison or cause a miscarriage.
Yeah, a lot of people here have been blaming Sami and suggesting that she's endangering the life of her grandchild, but frankly, Nick is at least as guilty of doing this as Sami is -- his methods are different, but the resulting stress is still the same.

Of course, as I've been saying all along, I don't believe that Nick truly loves Gabi or the baby. At least I know that Sami truly loves Will and his baby. That makes her vastly more sympathetic to me, even if her actions are wrong.
Nick is only directing loving supporting behavior toward Gabi.Sami is yelling at Gabi,calling her names,and threatening her.If she loves the baby so much maybe she should stop the name calling and yelling.I don't believe there are many mothers who would allow their child to be in the presence of a grandmother who is always yelling derogatory remarks to them.If I was Gabi I would never allow Sami near my baby.
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