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My son is not a homersexual.

I love Eileen's hair on the show. I almost feel as though the show wouldn't let Kristen have short hair, although if Eileen decided to cut it, they couldn't do a thing about it. The long hair though gives her a kind of larger-than-life, diva appearance. We always saw the character with beautiful long locks. When I think of Ashley, there I can see the character having short hair again. Yes, I know this may come across as a weird comment (it's just hair), but characters do have a certain image. Many people had a sigh of relief when the press photo of Eileen in the blood red dress came out after that t-shirt and jeans shot was released. People said "Now, that's Kristen!"

I LOVED Kristen's crimped-style hairdo back during her confronting John, admitting that she was using Brady to get back at him. Funnily enough, I think a few of the other characters were sporting that do too. I didn't like her hair when she first came back to the show. It was so over-processed and dry-looking. Totally boring. But hey, anything is better than Missy Reeves' hair on the show. WOW! She really pissed her hairstylist off. lmao

I think ED loves Kristen more but loves Y&R because she has many friends there. Her mind is with both!

Y&R should "thanks" DAYS for this!

Abso-freaking-lutely! You are so right.

I too think Eileen has a lot of friends on Y&R, but she had absolutely nothing to do for so many years, and that was not going to change. She may love the people there, but she definitely couldn't have loved the material she was getting. She definitely loves the material Days is giving her. If she can do what she's doing now, Days full-time, and a few appearances on Y&R off and on, she'll be more than satisfied. Everyone would be happy and fulfilled. Just is all theoretical mind you. I didn't somehow manage to ask Eileen. :wub2:

BTW, must be a nice bonus paycheck. Doin' a little overtime.
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