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Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Richard Culliton

Segment 1: Cam tells Abby he has time to talk. Abby talked to Courtney ... Cam - Right, she gave me the cobbler you dropped by. Thank you. That was sweet of you. Abby - She also said that you asked about the Golden Circle club. Cam hopes that's okay. You were mysterious and I was curious. Abby - So now you know.

Maggie opens the door of the mansion to Chloe who thanks her for watching Parker. Maggie will go get him. Chloe was wondering if she talked to Daniel in the last hour or so. Maggie - Why? What exactly do you want to know?

Dan - You want me to cut off all contact with Chloe. Jen - You would still share custody of Parker of course but I just think that you shouldn't see her or talk to her; that you shouldn't have any contact at all. Dan - You can not be serious. Jen - I know that it sounds like a lot and it sounds extreme. But if you and I are going to be together I really think it's the only way.

Nicole is crying over Eric when he comes to. Nicole looks up - Thank you God. Thank you.

Rafe helps Gabi to a chair. Sami asks her if she's okay. Gabi holds up her hand - Get her away from me. I don't want to talk to her. Will - Mom, could you please wait outside. Sami - I'm just trying to help. Rafe - I think she's had enough of your kind of help. Now just get the hell out of here. At Rafe's encouragement Gabi is taking nice, deep breaths. Will is going to call the hospital and tell them we're on our way. Gabi - No, don't. The pain is going away. I think I'm okay now. Rafe - Are you sure? I think we should get an ambulance. Gabi - No, the doctor said that I would have occasional pain. It's going away. I'm fine. Nick comes in - What's going on? Gabi - It's okay Nick. I'm fine. I got this pain and I was really scared but I'm okay now. Gabi asks Will if he can get her some water. Thank you. Sami - Maybe you should lie down and get some rest. Rafe - What are you still doing here? Sami - Making sure my granddaughter is alright. Rafe suggests that they take a little walk.

Segment 2: Nick is glad she feels better but he still thinks they should take her to the hospital to be sure. Will agrees. Gabi smiles - The baby just kicked. See, she's fine. She probably just reacted to how upset I was. Nick - Why were you upset? Will - Just my mom was kind of badgering her a little bit ... Nick gets up - I'll be right back. Sami is arguing with Rafe - If Gabi would have the paternity test ... Nick walks up. Sami, I need you to leave right now.

Cam and Abby go into the lounge to talk. Abby - So about the club ... Cam - You don't have to talk about it. Abby doesn't mind. It was a long time ago. I was young, impressionable so I was in the abstintence club. You probably think this is hysterical. Cam - No I don't at all. And now that I know, everything kind of makes sense.

Chloe - So Jennifer and I got in a little argument this afternoon and I'm just sick about it and I was wondering if Daniel knew. Maggie - You're wondering if Daniel is mad at you? Sounds like he should be. Chloe - I don't understand. Maggie - I don't know what the fight was about. I don't think Daniel was too thrilled with you for letting Jennifer know that you were staying in his apt and omitting the somewhat pertinent fact that he was moving into a motel. Chloe - I didn't mean to upset her. Maggie - Like you didn't mean to upset Victor when he kicked you out of here so you could end up on Daniel's doorstep with his son in your arms like something out of a Greek tragedy. Too bad it wasn't raining than you could have really looked pathetic. Chloe doesn't get this. We used to get along. We used to be friends. Maggie - Newsflash: I'm not friends with someone who manipulates my son so maybe you want to write this down ... he's with Jennifer now. He's over you.

Dan gets that she's upset but he wants her to think about what she's saying. How could I share custody with Parker and not have any contact with Chloe. Jen - You're going to have a nanny so you'll have different jobs, different residences so maybe the Nanny could act as an intermediary and Victor and Maggie could help mediate ... Dan - Yeah Chloe's going to love being mediated by my mother and a man who loathes her. Think about this. How would you feel if I told you couldn't have any contact with Jack. We are talking about the mother of my son. I know she is way, way out of line here but I think this is just a huge overreaction. Jen - I understand why you think that but you are wrong.

Nicole is on the phone with the police. And if you catch that little creep, this is the time when police brutality is absolutely appropriate. She asks Eric if it's still bleeding. No, it's all over. It's just a cut. Nicole doesn't care, she's calling an ambulance. Eric - What about you? Nicole - I wasn't the one clocked over the head with a crucifix. Eric - I guess my mom was right; I am hard headed. Nicole - This isn't a joke. You can't pretend this didn't happen. You could have been killed. He hugs her. It's okay. It's all over. Nicole cries - I couldn't wake you up. I was so scared. He knows. I heard. Nicole - You did? What exactly did you hear?

Sami - You are standing here in my Grandmother's pub asking me to leave. Nick - Yeah, leave and stay away from Gabi. Sami - No. As long as she refuses to take that paternity test I will be on Gabi like white on rice. Rafe - Do you hear yourself at all? Does it even compute to you that everyone in this room thinks you are dead wrong including your own son. Sami - I don't care what anyone else thinks. I'm not going to let some loser ex-con keep my son away from his daughter. Nick - You know what Sami, we will discuss this, I promise you but not here and not now. What's important right now is making sure Gabi's okay and if you ever want to see your granddaughter again, you'll leave. Sami - Ease off the threats and I will hold you to that promise. Nick - Okay. Just as Nick gets back to Gabi's table she calls out - Oh God, it's happening again. Rafe is on the phone ... Will is going to call the hospital too, Sami watches - OMG.

Segment 3: Eric heard her call his name and he could tell by the sound of her voice how worried she was about him. Roman comes in - Eric, are you okay? Eric - I'm fine. Nicole - No he's not. He was hit over the head with a cross. Roman takes a look at the wound. Nicole - He was unconscious for a really long time. Eric - But then I woke up and the bleeding stopped. You think God would let a priest get seriously hurt with a cross; that would be horrible PR. Nicole - He keeps joking about it. A uniformed officer asks her if she's okay. She's fine. The jerk tried to steal my necklace. He came after me but Eric stopped him. He saved my life.

Abby isn't sure she understands what he means. He's talking about before. When they broke up he kind of thought it was about her losing her father and that you were having a hard time dealing with it. Abby - I was. Cam - I knew you were but that wasn't the whole reason, was it? If we're going to try this again, it's imperative that we're honest with each other. If you don't want to talk about it here, I understand. I don't want to embarass you. I do want you to know that ... Abby - Yes, you're right. I'm a virgin. Nurse Maxine clears her throat - Dr. Davis, we have an emergency coming in. We need you right away. Cam is sorry. I'll talk to you later. After he leaves Abby mutters - Oh my God!

Chloe - I guess it was stupid of me to try and talk to you about it. Of course you're going to take Jennifer's side. You think she's a saint even though her lie about the club almost stopped Daniel from being with his son when he needed him the most. Maggie - The lie wasn't exactly unprovoked. Chloe - You can justify what she did. I don't think she's exactly the best influence on my son. Maggie - You're right. It's stupid of you to talk to me about this.

Dan - Did she threaten you or something? Jen - No, she just keeps doing the same things she did before. She keeps talking about your bond with Parker, she's giving me details I don't really want to hear about. She's not threatening me but it's really tiring and she brought up something else. I was just asking her why she was spending so much energy trying to get back this man that doesn't want her and she got so defensive. So whatever it you're saying to her, it's not penetrating. You move out of your apt and she still believes that you are going to get back together. You talk to her on the phone about who is going to pick Parker up and she believes that you still love her. So dealing with her right now is like sitting down and having drinks with an alcoholic because you stop but she doesn't stop. Dan is sorry for what she's putting you through but I promise you, she is not going to get to me and eventually that will sink in. You need to trust me. Jen - I do, I trust you. I'm not worried about the two of you getting back together but I'm scared that she's not going to give up. So if you don't set boundaries she is just going to keep chipping away at what we have until we have nothing left. And I can't do that. I will not go through that again.

Gabi is wheeled off the elevator in a wheelchair. She's in obvious pain. All three guys try to follow her into the exam room but Cam tells them to wait out here. I'll come out as soon as I know what's going on. So what happened? Rafe - She got a pain in her stomach. It seemed to go away but it came back. She's been in pain ever since. Cam - What was she doing? Did she physically strain herself? Did she fall? Will - No, no, but she was having an argument with my mother - just then Sami shows up. Nick - Please do not let anything happen to her or the baby. Cam - You got her here fast, that's good. We'll do everything that we can. He goes to tend to Gabi. Rafe walks up to Sami - Why? Stay out of the way. Will rushes up to her. What the hell are you doing here? Sami - You have to believe me; you have to know that I would never do anything to hurt your child. Will - No, I don't know that.

Segment 4: Roman cleans the wound. Eric - That hurts. Roman - Offer your pain up to God. Nicole - This isn't funny you two. Eric - We're Irish and male. You think there's a chance of us playing it straight? Roman asks if they can give him a description of the guy. Could you pick him out of a lineup. Nicole - Yeah, and I look forward to doing so. Eric - She's not a turn the other cheek kind of person. Roman - Looks like most of the money is still here so let's stop him before he tries again. It could take some time though. Eric - Time isn't an issue, right Nicole? Nicole recalls telling Rafe she's leaving Salem.

Abby lets herself into the mansion and walks into the living room. She asks Chloe if her Aunt Maggie is around. Chloe - Yeah, she's upstairs with Parker. She's getting him ready to come home. Abby - I thought you were living here. Chloe - I guess your Mom didn't tell you. Parker and I moved into Daniel's apt.

Dan - I hear what you're saying so I will tell her in no uncertain terms to stop harassing you. Jen - So you didn't get my whole point about alcholics. Maybe you should ask Maggie and Brady the success rate of making an addict stop. Dan - This is not an addict. Jen - An addict has to want to stop and Chloe doesn't want to stop, she is having the time of her life. Dan - I will keep her away from you but I can't not deal with her. That's not good for my son. And I want you to think about this, what about Abigail and JJ? How would feel if you missed out on the first 2 years of their lives? Because what I'm trying to do right now is make a smooth transition for Parker to go from Philip's life to my life and I think that he has to have 2 parents that are getting along. He has to see that. Jen - I understand how hard this is for you and I'd agree with you 100% if we weren't talking about Chloe. Do you think she is not using Parker? He doesn't realise it now but he will. He will grow up and look back on his childhood thinking that you were something to hold on to; that she was using him to hold on to you. And that is going to happen if you don't stop this right now. Dan - I'm done. I can't talk about this. We'll talk about this tomorrow morning. Jen - I'm not thinking about myself ... you really need to hear ... Dan - You really need to stop. I know what you want but I'm not going to give it to you, not right now.

Nick paces - I should have been there. I promised I'd protect her and the baby. Rafe - You can't be there 24/7. You did everything you could have done. Nick recalls listening to Will and Lucas's confession about the coverup. Nick - You're wrong. I could have done something. I should have shut all of this down right away. Rafe - What's that supposed to mean? Nick - Nothing. I was talking about Sami. I should have made it really clear from the beginning that she had to stay away from Gabi. Rafe - Yeah, I should have helped you on that one.

Sami and Will are in the lounge. Sami - I can't believe you said that. Will - Listen, I don't think that you would intentionally hurt this baby but you do not stop and think. You just charge ahead. I mean this afternoon you looked me in the eye and you lied to me. You sent me on this stupid errand so you could drive as fast as you can to yell at a scared, pregnant girl. I swear to God Mom, if anything happens to this baby because of this, I will never forgive you. Sami - I'm sorry that I lied to you and I will never forgive myself if something happens. I feel terrible about it. Will - Well you should. Sami - If I had known I would never have come down there to confront Gabi. I would never do anything to hurt the baby. Will - Yes I know Mom but the problem is you just push and push to get what you want and other people's feelings do not matter to you. Sami - Your feelings matter. You matter. I'm doing this for you. Will - There's no reason to Mom. I had everything worked out and now who knows what is going to happen! What if something happens to this baby! Sami - It's not going to happen. I promise you it's not. She hugs him. Your little girl is going to be okay, I promise.

Cameron, Maxine and Kayla are in with Gabi. Maxine tells her to keep breathing nice and steady. Gabi asks if her baby is okay. Please tell me there's nothing wrong with my baby.

Segment 5: Nicole - No time is not an issue. I'll do whatever it takes to put this guy away. Eric - Son of a gun. I'm supposed to stop by the hospital and see one of our parishioners. He tries to stand up and almost passes out - Roman catches him. Sit down and stay there. Nicole - You're not going anywhere. You're in no condition to drive. Eric - I promised her I'd stop by. Nicole - Okay, I will drive you but you are going to see a doctor first. Eric agrees.

Abby - You're living with Daniel and my mom's okay with that. Chloe - It doesn't really matter if she's okay with it because it's his home and if he wants us there then she doesn't really have a say in it. Abby - Unbelievable. She leaves. Chloe smiles. Maggie - Was that Abigail I heard? Chloe - Yeah. Maggie - She didn't take the baking pans I packed for her. Chloe - Maybe she had something else on her mind.

Jen - I'm sorry if you feel like I'm forcing you to make a decision but I just think it's the only way for this to work out for us. Dan - Yeah, I'll think about what you said and we'll talk tomorrow. Jen - Okay. He kisses her cheek. We'll talk in the morning. Jen - I love you. Dan - I love you too. He leaves. He almost goes back inside but changes his mind.

Kayla tells Gabi her baby's heartbeat is strong and steady. Gabi - Thank God. Kayla - Are you still in pain? Gabi - No. I was so scared, I didn't even notice. Kayla - Of course you were scared. Gabi - So is my baby alright? Cam - Everything looks good at the moment. Gabi - What caused it? Kayla - We're not sure but my guess is you're dehydrated which is why we have you on these IV fluids. Gabi - Dehydrated? Because I didn't drink enough water, this is my fault. Kayla - Listen to me. You did everything right. You want to do what's best for your baby, just stay calm and rest. We're going to do a few more tests and figure out what happened to you. Gabi - Can Nick come in? Cam - If you can promise to stay calm. Gabi will. Kayla - And the pain is completely gone, right? Gabi - Yeah, my back hurts a little bit but it's been like that for a couple of days. Kayla - I don't want to give you any medication at this point. I think the IV fluids will help you out. We'll be right back.

Cam and Kayla come out of Gabi's room and Kayla tells Rafe, Will and Nick that Gabi's resting and the baby seems fine. Cam tells Nick that Gabi wants to see him. Keep it very low key and don't stay too long. Rafe asks if Gabi has to stay here. Kayla would like to keep her under observation. Rafe - What aren't you telling us? Kayla - We are just trying to pin down what happened. I told her and I do believe that she is dehydrated so we have her on IV drip. I just don't want to release her until I know for sure it's not a prelude to premature labour. Sami is listening to all this. Nick - What? Cam - We have medication we can give her to stop labour in most cases. Nick - But the baby, she won't make it. Cam - This is just precautionary. We don't think it's going to happen. Kayla - We just want to be sure so don't say anything to scare her. Nick - Of course. Rafe to Will - Sounds like everything's going to be okay. Will - Yeah for now.

Segment 6: Nick - So the doctors said everything looked good. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. Gabi - No, none of this is your fault. Nick - I just want you to know that from now on I'm going to protect you and our baby no matter what. Get some sleep, I'll be right outside if you need me. Gabi - I'm so tired. Nick comes out of the room and sees Will and Sami together.

Abby comes home. Mom, you didn't tell me that bitch moved in with Daniel. No wonder you were so upset. Jen - It's not what it looks like. Abby keeps ranting. Jen tells her that Daniel checked into a hotel. Chloe has a tendency to leave that part out of the story. She's unbelievable. Abby - OMG, the games that that woman plays. I don't know how you deal with it. Jen - Hopefully I won't have to deal with it much longer.

Dan is in the square. Chloe calls. She's just about to put Parker to bed, does he want to say goodnight. He does. Chloe puts him on the phone and tells Parker to say Daddy, I miss you. Dan misses him too. Chloe - Why don't you come over and read Parker a story and tuck him into bed.

Will tells Sami that Cameron and Kayla are being cautious but they think Gabi and the baby are going to be okay. Sami - Thank God. She's been texting EJ. He's in the middle of a meeting or else he'd be here. He wants you to know he's thinking about you and the baby, sending you the best. Will - So you can go now. Sami - Is there anything else I can do for you? Will - Just leave Gabi alone; no more talks about paternity tests. Sami - No, of course not, not tonight. Will - I'm not kidding. If you don't back off, I'm not going to deal with you. Sami - I understand. Sami sees Rafe. I'm glad that Gabi is doing better and I'm sorry that I upset her. Rafe - Well, it's not all your fault. I shouldn't have blown up at you in front of her. But you need to understand ... Sami - I do. I've talked to Will and they're handling it pretty well themselves. I should stay out of it. I learned my lesson. Rafe - Good. That's great. Now that we know that Gabi and the baby are doing okay maybe you should just go on home. Will - He is right about that, maybe you should just leave. Sami doesn't want to leave him here alone. Will - I'm not alone, I've got Maxine. I'll be fine, I promise. And if anything changes, I'll call you. Sami - You promise. He does. Goodbye. Sami talks to herself. I'll go. I just have to apologise to Gabi first. She makes sure the guys are watching her and then she sneaks in to Gabi's room using the side door. Gabi is asleep. Sami sits down next to her bed. She strokes Gabi's hair. Gabi wakes up.

Segment 7: Roman is with Nicole. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm really glad you were here tonight. Eric - Me too. Nicole's like my very own guardian angel.

Jen tells Abby that she talked to Dan about Chloe. I guess I drew a line in the sand when it comes to her and now it's up to Daniel whether he's going to let her cross it or not.

Dan tells Chloe he'll see Parker tomorrow when he comes over for the nanny's interviews. Dan will come early. They need to talk about what they want the nanny to do. There may be a few things I want to add to what we already agreed upon. Chloe - What do you mean by that? Dan - I'll fill you in tomorrow. Chloe talks to Parker and wonders what Jennifer told him. I promise you honey, mommy's going to find a way so you never have to see that horrible woman ever again.

Gabi sits up - What are you doing here? Sami - I came to apologise. I'm sorry. I really am sorry that I upset you. Gabi - You were yelling at me. I don't know what I ever did to make you hate me so much. Sami - I don't hate you. I wish you and Will had been honest with me about the baby sooner but that's in the past. Gabi starts getting pains again. Sami jumps up - I'm going to get the doctor. Sami rushes out to the nurses station yelling that they need to get the doctor for Gabi. Will - What happened? Sami - I don't know. We were talking and then all of a sudden she doubled over - she was cramping or something. Rafe - What did you say to her? Sami - I was apolgising. I said I was sorry. I just wanted to talk to her. Kayla and Cam rush into Gabi's room. Rafe to Sami - Why are you even here? Maxine - Doctors, she's gone into labour. Everyone rushes to the door. Nick - It's too soon. She won't make it. The baby won't make it.
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