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Feb 20 2013, 01:06 AM
Why is the notary there. Does Will contemplate giving up rights or does Nick call notary cause he assumes Will's gonna give in to his threats. Or is it Birth certificate or paternity test related?
Well it can't be the birth certificate because the baby is not due until May.

I am so glad Will and Sonny are finally getting back together. Hoping it is for the long haul. Brian was just a distraction for Sonny and doesn't mean a thing to him. Sonny loves Will and Will loves Sonny and they belong together. I hate it that they are always getting interrupted though. Why can't people leave them alone for once. They need to go away for the weekend and not tell anyone where they are going so they can have some alone time without anyone barging in on them. First it was Lucas, then Gabi, and now Nick. WTH.

I hope Will tells Sonny all his secrets, including the EJ shooting. They need to be open and honest with each other with no secrets. Sonny is keeping a huge secret about Gabi but not sure if he will share that with Will since it is really Chad's secret, but Will needs to know what kind of person Gabi really is. Nick is a psycopath and a convicted murderer. I don't care if he did serve time, I don't know how he thinks he is better father material than Will is. He is so adamant about being named as the baby's father and keeps referring to the child as "our baby" as if he really is the father. They need the paternity test to verify that Will actually is the father (we don't know if Gabi slept with anyone else before Will - could it be Andrew's baby? or Chad's? or some random guy that we don't know about?). We know Nick can't be the father because he was still in prison at the time Gabi got pregnant.

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