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Feb 21 2013, 02:28 PM
I see that dumb bitch Gabi is filling in for sweet Gabi today. I liked her shock when Kayla told her the problem was likely due to dehydration. Even she knows she's a mess. It's quite hard to feel any sympathy for her, when her pregnancy stress is so lame compared to some of the things other people on the show have gone through. Suck it up, Gabi.

LOL at Sami promptly sneaking in to see Gabi. The way she petted her awake was kind of creepy, though. I also like that she told EJ. It's strange to have them turning to each other for support. It was also nice to see Will put his issues with Sami aside so they could comfort each other. Am I the only one who thought Will was joking about having Maxine? He even grinned as he said it.

When Roman arrived at the church, I had to remind myself that he was a cop and Eric's dad. Days isn't worse off without Roman, but it's really strange that they almost never use him. Ericole is rapidly becoming my favorite story. Nicole confessing her love in the heat of the moment, then worrying that Eric heard her is classic.
Re: Will/Maxine: I thought it was pretty glaringly obvious he was just kidding and said it nonchalantly as she happened to be in the room.
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