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That whole opening sequence on today's episode was pretty non-stop. I loved every second of it.

Brady is looking at houses and Kristen mentions DiMansion. So great! His face told me we are in for a long fight, but whatever. They're going to end up there and I cannot wait to see the DiMera Mansion again!

Kate really did call Rafe decaf coffee and it made so much sense, lol. Perfect! He definitely isn't her normal pace, but its working for her. I love it.

I'm disgusted right now that Sami called EJ instead of Lucas. Lucas is actually the grandfather of the baby. I mean what the hell? She's such a gross person. And that has nothing to do with Lumi vs. Ejami because neither one of those couples has impressed me in years. There's no excuse for her calling EJ first.

I love how Will just snapped on Sami and told her to get lost. I wanted to see Nick go off on her some more, but it was nice to see Rafe, Nick, and Will railing against her. And i'm happy they didn't have EJ instantly jump to her defense without knowing details.

As far as Maxine its a question of is it better to have a somewhat stereotypical character or just have no black characters? I think I'll take the stereotype, especially since they could eventually develop her. I mean its apparently 5 years later and she hasn't done much, but I can deal with her. She isn't that bad. Epiphany on GH eventually got storylines, even though they started on Night Shift. Epiphany is actually one of my favorite characters. Maxine is not even CLOSE to as fun as Epiphany though. Epiphany can be hilarious, but has had some amazing emotional scenes with Jason Thompson's Patrick. I think Maxine has that potential.
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