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Viewing Single Post From: Friday, February 22nd Daily Disussion
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Feb 22 2013, 03:19 PM
Feb 22 2013, 02:46 PM
At least now we know the real reason Kristen finds it difficult to give Brady up.
Tha's the only good thing he is for. It's certainly not for his brains she's with him. :laugh: :laugh:
Brady is in love. When you are in love, you overlook certain things. That doesn't mean he's an overall stupid person. Right now, he has no reason to be suspicious of Kristen. And when he has, he's confronted her (torn note). It's not like he's Austin who was raped by Sami and --- even after he found out about her raping him and lying about Will --- decided to marry her.
No, it's all the other stupid things he's done that makes him an overall stupid person.

I've loved Aloma Wright since Scrubs and would love to see Maxine get a bigger role and see this kid, who must be Will/Abby's age. I don't remember them saying it was a boy. It'd be nice if it was a girl.

The dynamic between ejami was perfect today, with the slight smile on EJ's face as he listened to Sami talk about causing trouble despite her good intentions. She's her own worst enemy and he's a guy who loves and appreciates her craziness. They've come full circle. :wub:

How does Lucas always manage to burst in on ejami every time they're getting close. It's like he's a human homing device. Either way, I'm glad Sami called him and that Kate tagged along. Like some other folks mentioned, it seemed to me that Lucas senses that something is going on with Rate. That reveal should be comedy gold.

I like that, despite the baby drama, Will/Sonny and Will/Gabi have remained friends. Will talking about his hopes and dreams for his daughter was the sweetest scene in quite awhile, and I'm glad he shared it with Sonny. And every time Sonny looks at Will, you can just see the love and concern in his eyes. That actor is the master at that.

Brady should invite Kristen to move into Victor's.

EJ calling Kate his stepmother never gets old. I just wish Kate was there to hear this talk between EJ/Rafe.

I almost feel bad for Nick. He's playing with his life by threatening Sami and he has no idea. Random thought - I wonder if Kate remembers that Nick was mixed up in stealing that hairbrush. If the statute of limitations isn't up, she could always blackmail him again and maybe seduce Roman into reopening the investigation into Willow's death.
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