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^ My face watching DAYS

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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepEJ, tender with Sami and sly with others, that is how these types of men really are.
I didn't realize that "VERY Italian" men let their women go off and screw countless other men and return back to them without repercussions.....Oh, and try to assassinate them. Good to know.
EJ is the EXACT OPPOSITE of a true acting "italian man"...the fact that someone could even say he is an Italian man is BEYOND hilarious to me!

I am italian, through and through...and EJ is a freaking pussy without an ounce of italian goodness in him!
Italian here also! Can't agree that EJ is truly "Italian" acting, which almost seems like we're describing a stereotype here, since no way in hell would he forgive a woman who tried to keep his children from him and shot him in the head. Revenge is a dish best served cold comes from us for a reason.

Also, the MAFIA types are also known for having mistresses. So much for precious rare creatures.
Im not referring to a stereotyped Italian either...but there is no denying that EJ and a regular Italian guy = massive difference.

EJ is not believable to me a mafia type either...he is not scary, he is not intimidating in any sense whatsoever. He does not exude that AT all from the way JS portrays him.

When I hear EJ speak (incorrectly I might add) in Italian...it makes me CRINGE with disdain.
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