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Feb 22 2013, 01:46 PM
Can't stand the fact, that B&B is stating, if you scheme & manipulate you get what you want...Liam choosing Steffy, after all the scheming she did in the beginning to keep Liam & Hope apart. And Taylor being a Psychiatrist, who encouraged & promoted her daughter's scheming in the beginning to keep Hope & Liam apart...Taylor obviously needs psychological help herself.
:shrug: Taylor never encouraged her daughters actions, and Steffy fessed up in the first days of her marraige. :soapbox: To me Hope was interfering with Liam and Steffys engagement, and got what she deserved. She is so arrogant to believe that Liam loves ONLY her and couldn't possibly love Steffy. :rolleyes: I suppose that's why he tore up his annulment papers. :rockon: To err is human and none of these characters is perfect especially Hope. :eyeroll:
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