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I really wanted to be able to put tape on Hope's mouth today. I know that Steffy manipulated Liam into their marriage but she has MORE than ever made up for that...giving Liam space to think about who he really wants to spend his life with, not once but now twice - maybe even three times...I mean come on folks - she did sign the anullment papers only to have Liam rip them up. Liam may have feelings for Hope but he LOVES Steffy. Hope is a constant manipulator just like her mommy Brooke and brother Rick. Hope is also a liar as she said "I don't mind giving Liam space to decide - if he doesn't chose me I'll be fine with that" and then on the very same day trying to marry Liam. And Liam? What can I say - he apparently doesn't have a brain as he should have told Hope to leave the room the second she walked in on his conversation with Steffy...and NEVER ask Steffy to leave so he can talk with Dope. Writers - please, please, please write a script that sends Hope far, far, far away....forever...and hopefully with her mother Brooke.
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