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The Room Stops
Feb 22 2013, 09:30 AM
Feb 22 2013, 12:59 AM
The Room Stops
Feb 20 2013, 01:14 PM
Go away Fauxman, nobody wants you. Nobody likes you. Nobody.
Not quite true.I like him.I'm glad he is supporting his former wife and mother of two (2) of his children.Marlena needs a friend to support her.
I'd rather see Marlena become BFFs with EJ before having a conversation with Fauxman. His entire existence has basically been trying to get in her pants, and that's not what friends do.
I've been watching the show on a daily basis for the last four years and I have never seen Roman direct any romantic behavior toward Marlena during that time.What did I miss.I think the last time I saw anything between then was the time she was pregnant then fell down the stairs causing her to lose the baby although I can't remember the year that happened.
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