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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of February 25th

BJ Deveraux
Feb 22 2013, 06:13 PM
Feb 22 2013, 05:07 PM
Dannifer break up? Oh good. Let's get a little Danloe side action going before Nadia leaves.
Are you fucking kidding me?? She's breaking up with him because she can't be the center of his universe? He was MARRIED to this woman. They have a kid (overgrown but nonetheless). Earth to Jennifer?? I started out disliking him but I see something with Chloe, he still looks dirty but he's not as hateful somehow. Jennifer just brings out the blah in him...
Sadly, I suspect the break-up will either not take place because Daniel talks her out of it, or be very short-lived because Jen-Jen wuvs Danny-Boy so much that she has to give their "great love" another chance. :rolleyes: If they ever do crash and burn permanently, I'll be there with bells on. At this point, my loathing for this craptacular couple goes beyond my resentment that Jack was killed off solely to reunite them (which is considerable, I admit). But Jennifer has become so much less than she was since they've paired her with Daniel. She was once a smart, spunky go-getter, who traveled the world, loved adventure, had a true vocation for journalism, and relished the challenges of loving a complicated man, who--for all his issues--loved her wholeheartedly in return. Now she's this weak, needy, selfish shell of a woman, working perfunctorily at a job for which she's unqualified and can't be bothered to show up half the time, since her life presently consists of fawning or sniveling over Daniel. She's so insecure and desperate that she can't put the needs of her boyfriend's toddler son before her own. How low she's sunk, to feel she must compete with a two-year-old! She probably secretly wishes that Parker was still Philip's son so she could have Dr. Douche all to herself.
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