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Sami and Lucas scenes together today were really incredible and I loved that Lucas wound up rubbing Sami's back that was a really nice touch and I love how Sami wound up letting Lucas rub her back for that was my most favorite moment between Lucas and Sami today for that was really beautiful it was nice to see them get this really great moment between them today with Lucas rubbing Sami's back.

The message on the card Sonny read from Will was really beautiful and it looks like Sonny was touched by what Will wrote in the card that was adressed to him. The Kayla,Gabi,Cameron,and Maxine scenes were wonderful also when they all wound up praying together as a group for Gabi and the baby together and after they did her contractions wound up subsiding after they prayed together as a group in Gabi's hospital room.

The Will and Sonny scene and Will and Lucas Scenes along with the Kate and Lucas scenes were great as well. I loved the hug Will and Lucas shared at the hospital and loved when Sonny hugged Will as well. I even like the Will and Rafe scenes too with Rafe saying that Will's going to be a great dad as well.

I loved how Will talked to Sonny about taking his daughter ice skating and wanting to learn how to ice skate for her so he can hold her hand and wind up going ice skating with her as well and Sonny was truly touch by Will wanting to take his daughter ice skating holding her hand in his. Lucas and Kate's scenes at the coffee house were too also. I really like most of today's show with all the scenes I mentioned above for they were wonderful.
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