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Great Friday episode. The drama played out nicely and loved the characters being interwoven.

Cute with Kate saying she would definitely want a refill and Brady's 'big surprise' for Kristen. ;)

Happy to see Lucas join the fray and have the scenes with Sami that fit them perfectly.

What is the point of Ej anymore? He's been pretty much a Rafe clone replacement and today I thought he came across more as Sami's father with the nose taps and telling Will how Sami feels. I hope a change is coming for his character soon because this is just a waste.

Will's speech about his hope for future moments with his daughter and Nick opening up to Kate about his own desires were great contrasts. I loved both their intensity.

I thought the hospital bedside prayer a nice touch. It's wonderful to see Kayla as a doctor again instead of working at the pub.

Rafe and Kate seemed even more glaringly mismatched during these scenes. I get the whole idea of them and why the show wanted to take this path, but they don't work for me as lovers. And what was LK doing with her head? She kept jerking it back. I couldn't tell if she was having a fit or if she was just trying to toss her hair? Very distracting.

It was fun seeing everyone give Sami the cold shoulder especially as her remorse is always short lived.

I'll be so glad to see Brady and Kristen out of the hotel room and having that story finally moves along into the next phase.
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