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Feb 22 2013, 07:25 PM
Feb 22 2013, 01:22 PM
Sami as a character is damned if she does & damned if she doesn't no matter who she fucking phones first. If she called A, she should've called B. If she called B, she should've called C. And no one understands why she hasn't called E. But if she called E, someone would bitch that she didn't call A first. smdh
Since Will is Lucas' son and the baby is Lucas first grandchild,Lucas should have been called first.I don't have a problem with Sami calling the man she loves to support her and her son's former stepfather.I understand that.We know the baby is going to live,Sami did not.How would Will and Lucas have felt if something had happened to the baby before Lucas arrived.I liked the fact that Lucas and Will immediately went toward each other and embraced once Lucas arrived.
I'm glad EJ did not Lucas rubbing he gf's back. That would ot have gone down too well. I am glad he gave them respect and privacy as the future grandparents to talk. I think Lucas will tolerate EJ as Allie's stepdad again, and EJ has always had minor respect for Lucas. They did save each other's lives.
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