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Today was pretty good.

It's weird with the baby thing. I'm having trouble having sympathy for Gabi. I get that baby shouldn't have to pay for her crimes but still something is lacking for me in these scenes because the feeling I'm supposed to be broken up watching but I'm not. It all just felt way too rushed and maybe that's the problem...that along with not caring one way or another about Gabi. There seemed to be such little build up to Gabi in the hospital and then her in the hospital went by way too fast. I would have liked to see more interacting between everybody at the hospital but it just seemed so segregated.

I loved that Sonny went to comfort Will. But in the same segment of them leaving the hospital they were already at the coffee house? It's like they took 2 weeks for Valentine's Day to play out and then when something major happens they rush through it? That is still one thing lacking with this show and that is time. It just seems out of wack and it ruins stories to me. Something like this should have been much more dramatic and played out for a week with her in the hospital.

They have to do something more with Sonny. He can't just be standing around being Will's shoulder of support. I really hope that isn't how the rest of this story goes because that is going to kill Wilson. Sonny needs to have a true role or Wilson is going to become boring fast. I loved the little bits of him comforting Will and making Will laugh and then the ending with him reading Will's letter. I get he's not a lead like Will but he needs to be given some type of focus. I agree that Sonny is much like Lucas. Even the way their characters are treated is very similar, at least right now. I see some people think this letter is the same thing Will has already said. Difference is, Will said this all to Sonny before Sonny had let this all sink in. I guess it was earlier this same day (?) that Will came by with the gift that Sonny got him and Sonny wanted Will to tell him he wanted to get back together with him. Sonny was disappointed that Will said he wanted to just be friends. Had Will said what he said in the letter and, Sonny would have told Will he felt the same.

I liked how EJ handled Sami. Though many people think Sami is in the wrong, she is completely right about Gabi so again it's hard for me to feel bad for Gabi.

I love Blake Berris. Nick is far out there but I laugh every time he's on.

Poor Lucas. He needs a woman. He just kind of wanders in out of things but has no real life.
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