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Harlee Kin
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Feb 22 2013, 06:48 PM
BJ Deveraux
Feb 22 2013, 06:13 PM
Feb 22 2013, 05:07 PM
Dannifer break up? Oh good. Let's get a little Danloe side action going before Nadia leaves.
Are you fucking kidding me?? She's breaking up with him because she can't be the center of his universe? He was MARRIED to this woman. They have a kid (overgrown but nonetheless). Earth to Jennifer?? I started out disliking him but I see something with Chloe, he still looks dirty but he's not as hateful somehow. Jennifer just brings out the blah in him...
Jennifer is an idiot. The only way they could undo this damage would be to have her be mentally ill like her mother and send her to treatment for months. It's sad what they've done to this character and I cannot imagine that MR is happy with this writing. :shrug:
Making her mentally ill is not a bad way to go! And I hope that Daniel and Chloe do get it on, there is no way a relationship can survive with one woman not sleeping with a man yet dictating everything he does while siccing his mother on him and another woman he loved getting naked in front of him every chance she gets. No way. I feel ZERO sympathy for Jennifer after her nanny ultimatum so making her mentally ill could redeem her for me if they admit her as a patient giving Daniel and Chloe time to bond as a family. I am done with Dannifer, and quite frankly they are doing people who choose to abstain from sex a disservice by making Abby and Jennifer the spokespeople.

And Krissy-K - Nick walking in on Sonny and Will would be HILARIOUS. Alas their fans probably want them to have a quality reunion without a homophobic psycho interrupting, but I agree it would be great drama.
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