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Feb 23 2013, 01:01 AM
and they are no longer in the plus side from 'this time last year'....as I said last week....steady declines over weeks isn't good for this show...it's exactly what occurred in 2010 and in less than 3 months they had lost 750K viewers and the demos were awful...it's going to happen again, in 2010 the erosion didn't start till March after sweeps was over...this time around, it's started during sweeps...and they are already in the negative from last year....the demos lost this week too...this isn't good for a show that only got a one year renewal...if anything they should have used this time to increase viewers since the summer is usually a slow period....
DAYS demos have either increased or remained the same from last year though, so it is not in as much trouble as this is making it seem, not to mention the show was pre-empted in the west because of the hostage situation on Friday.

Besides 2010 is not even the year to compare when it comes to DOOL slumps IMO, last year and 2011 they were getting 1.5s, if we reach there again, we really need to be worried.
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