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Feb 20 2013, 12:33 PM
Panda Panda
Feb 19 2013, 01:48 PM
Sony wants ED on Days more. Initially she was supposed to be shared between the two shows but Y&R refused to share and Sony ended ED's contract with Y&R.

If Y&R wants ED back for more than a guest spot then they're going to have to share her with Days.
It's quite shocking actually that Y&R was not willing to share, yet DAYS was....Y&R really gambled in that and ended up losing her completely.
When I think of CBS/Y&R, two words pop in my mind: Smug and Entitled. Oh, and pompous. Make that three.

I remember, they wouldn't even let ED reprise Susan in a phone call last year during that ridiculous storyline about EJ's paternity. They refused to loan her to Days for ONE single day. I find that very arrogant and childish of them.

I hope Sony stays on top of things and doesn't let CBS bully them. They'd love nothing more than to poach her back full-time and have her drop Days completely. Not because they give a damn about writing for Ashley. But simply to "stick it" to Days. I find them mean-spirited that way.
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