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Feb 22 2013, 06:49 PM
Today's show was a complete win.

It was over before I even knew it, and I was still wanting more!

LOVED the prayer! So agree with Matt, don't understand why we don't see more of these kind of scenes. This is exactly what I'd have been doing in a crisis situation.

EJ's on to stepmommy & dead eyes!!

Lucas started off Shouty, but I ended up liking his scenes with Sami.

Will had me tearing up talking about holding his little girl's hand.

It really felt old school Days today. The characters seemed "in character" and the stories were all flowing together.

Can't wait for Sami & Nick's showdown on Monday.
I so agree! IT was a terrific episode. There are my fears in this storyline:

Sami will become the focal point of this. I hope it doesn't happen. I'm enjoying the group that's acting in this storyline and I really want to see all of them and not just Sami.

I'm also fearful that something will happen to Nick and BB will be leaving the show. Now, listen, I'm not saying that I know anything, I don't, however, I'm just thinking that come May when things begin to fall apart for him, what is he going to do then? I don't want to see his character go dull--BB is way too good for that. I'm just not sure what they will have him do after all is said and done.

I know I"m going to offend people with this next fear and I'm sorry, but I hope and pray that Rafe and Sami don't find their way back to each other during this storyline either. This is the first time since the character of Rafe has been introduced that I can honetly say, I'm really enjoying. Sometimes, I think being paired with someone like Sami isn't such a terrific thing. I think he's doing well without being in that couple. Sorry... B-)
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