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Feb 23 2013, 08:57 AM
:wow: with all the amazing and powerful story lines on DAYS the ratings are reflecting it! :sarcasm: The people are speaking up! In the dailies 1/25 Ė 2/1 there were three 2.0 or higher, 2/4 Ė 2/8 one 2.0 and this week none I see a pattern forming here. Certain fans will spin it anyway to try and make it look good and will make excuses each week but a minus sign in front of a number isnít good! And if the pre-emption made a different they would have noted it in the ratings!

I also read that article about NBC coming in 5th place first time in history! Kind of says it all they arenít pleasing the viewers! :eyeroll:
actually they only ever note national pre-emptions and when the negatives start showing up in the demos then the 'certain fans' you talk off may be off base, until then, DOOL is no worse or better.

Aliaron, that would be different from DOOL MO how? its what they do lol, but seriously they were getting 1.7s in the comparative week last year, so they still are not at that point.
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