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I can't decide which line I liked the best in this episode. I lurved EJ's nose tap order for Sami , "Don't. Talk. To Anyone." But I think I'm gonna give it to Lucas and his, "What are you gonna do? Use me as a human shield? No thank you." What a Lucas thing to say.

It's amazing that an idiotic storyline about a gay guy who, in a moment of nonsensical stupidity, had sex with a raving whiner could produce more than Salem's latest super spawn. It has produced a storyline that connects most of the main characters on the show and allows them the opportunity to interact in really fun ways again.

This episode was all kinds of win. Am I crazy or did I see some actual art direction in that mini-montage of everyone waiting to hear Gabi's prognosis? It's been a while since the show didn't look like a point, shoot, and run to the next take hot mess. Plus, I really liked the pacing of this episode. Maybe it was because we were able to jump from subgroup to subgroup within the whole group. It felt really natural as they intermingled.

The biggest problem is that CB sucks ass. She's just so bad. She is the center of the show right now - an actor's wet dream! But she is just buckling under the weight of it. BB, CM, and AS are taking over this whole storyline. I can't help but think a stronger actress would have been able to bring more to the table than just blank face and maniacally panicked reactions to her scenes. When you see everyone else showing more nuance than ever - hello flirty Rate! - you can't help but notice.

CB, aside, I am on a Days lovefest! Sami and EJ together at last and backing each other up in their lunacy is amaaaaaaaazing. When the fuck has anyone ever listened to Sami talk about something looney she just did with such a sincere look of tender endearment in their eyes like EJ did when he chuckled at her sneaking around where she wasn't supposed to? James Scott's deliver of "Oh! That really happened?!" cracked me up. These two are sooooo much better working with each other than against each other. They are both really shining right now.

I still think they are writing Wilson like a sugary sweet but trite conversation heart message but I'll take it because I love CM and he sells me on anything.

Did anyone else notice that Rafe was reading a "Newsprofile" magazine with a cover article about infidelity?! Bwahahahaha! Props to the props department. That was rich!
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