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just joey

Feb 23 2013, 09:42 AM
Feb 23 2013, 08:22 AM
Let him go with Steffy.....Hope can do better...... Liam is weak.......Taylor HUMMMMMMMMMMMM LET RIDGEcome back.......TAYLOR will drop ERIC faster then a speeding bullet.................If he dosent know what she is doing let him go with her.......If ERIC thinks about why he wasnt there WHEN STEPHANIE DIE IT WAS BECAUSE THOMAS WANTED A MEETING ABOUT THE CO........I DONT KNOW WHY HE S EVEN THERE HIS IS NOT A REAL FORERSTER (THOMAS) AS WELL AS THE REST OF TALYOR'S CLAN

Rick requested Eric attended the meeting, not Thomas.
Eric could have attended the meeting via skype, but Rick didn't that as a viable option.
Hope is going to be like her mother, chasing Liam for the rest of her life.
Thomas and Steffy are Foresters as stated by their legal Birth certificates.
Rick was being his usually demanding ASS :moon: . He did demand that Eric be there " IN Person". So why should Thomas be blamed for that ? Is it because he is Taylors son? Ridge was indeed written down on the birth certificate as Erics son. In Erics heart , Thomas is his grandson. You mean to tell me that all of the children that have been adopted, have NO rights to their adopted parents because they are NOT OF their blood ? :wtf: This to me , is the same difference. Thomas could not be "MORE " of a FORESTER, even if Ridge was Eric's Biological son !!! Remember, Erics own Biological son, :puke: " Ricky Boy " , stole his dad's designs. So does that make " Ricky boy , more of "Erics son ", because of Blood ? What real son does that shit to their own father ? :shrug:
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