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Feb 23 2013, 01:41 PM
The Room Stops
Feb 23 2013, 09:28 AM
Feb 22 2013, 06:46 PM
I think his biggest fault is he's not Wayne Northrop. He's not the world's greatest actor, but you're right. it's been a long time since he's done that. That was the JER days. Writers change, and with that, character personalities. That being said, if he goes after Marlena, well..........John and Marlena always need some angst, right?
Then, seriously... send EJ, Nick, Rafe, Chad, Victor or Stefano (preferably him) after Marlena so John has to fight for her. Just... not him. DH has chemistry with anything that walks, except JT.

He's just not Roman. And they keep trying to play on "Oh, Roman never got over Marlena" and he's all moony faced about it... but it doesn't work. First of all, who believes Marlena actually fell in love with that dude? And I'm not talking about looks, I'm talking about this character. The three loves in Marlena's life have ALL had one thing in common... they know how smart she is and they don't back down from a fight. This dude just follows her around and does whatever she asks. Don, Roman and John... do not. It's something that was attractive in all of them. Hell, even Richard had that trait, sort of. Second of all, Josh Taylor and Deidre Hall, do not have any chemistry. None whatsoever. And that pains me, because they do have scenes and I watch her scenes, so believe me, I wish they had some. It made that weak attempt to do some Mike/Marlena tolerable in 1994, it made Craig/Marlena work as friends eventually (despite what he and Nancy did to Carrie and Mike), it's what makes it enjoyable to watch Bo/Marlena despite how badly he treated her in 2000/2001.

And again, it ain't personal, because I've heard nothing but nice things about Josh, and it's not his fault he was miscast.
Since they are not going to be romantic partners,I don't really need chemistry between Roman and Marlena.I found JT to be acceptable during the safe house junk with Carrie and the others,in the scenes with AS,CM,GG,and JS during the Stefano murder thing,with PR,MBE,PM when they were trying to figure out the situation with Caroline's mental deterioration,with DH when Eric first returned to Salem,Thursday when Eric was hurt,and his occasional scenes with LK.Given JT's limited time on screen, the fact that I was not watching that often while Wayne Northrup was onscreen as Roman,the liklihood of Wayne Northrup returning to Days,I don't have a problem with JT remaining on the show and interacting with other characters as Roman.Just as a matter of curiosity,how long did Wayne Northrup play Roman and how long has Josh Taylor has played Roman?I also only have a vague recollection of Chris Kosticek.How as Josh Taylor as Chris?
And that's why he doesn't bother me. It is what it is, and after more than a decade, it's not going to change. But then again, I'm not heavily invested in the Marlena/John history, either. I still want Marlena with Don Craig :P
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