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On the demos, like I said if the ratings continue south week in and week out, even if it's with moderate drops sooner or later it'll catch up to them. No drop is good, NONE....they aren't even stagnant, they are in decline during a sweeps period. No bueno!

I'm comparing 2010 because the show was doing great in 2009, it had gained hundreds of thousands of fans over that year.....and the drop was so hard and so fast in 2010, that it had Corday coming out with his stupid plan to save Days by June.....In 2011 they were bad, but the decline began in 2010....it just went from bad to worse....it never recovered and by Feb of 2011, Whitesell was gone and by April Dena was gone, by May Tomlin was gone.
DAYS is back to its numbers around end of Dec/beginning Jan, that is not some grand swoop fall or decline, but settling after a gain for an event. The same happened after Nov 2011, and again after Aug 2012. Were there comparisons being made to 2010 then because like those times, its still not the same. Once the demos hold and they appear to be, DOOL will be just fine.

Every single soap fell this week and the fall for DAYS is not even the worse, should GH be panicking because they went from getting 2.3s last week to a 1.8 this week as well?
They couldn't even hold the gains they had over a 2 week period around the time of the Nabi's wedding reveal....and let's face it...if they are back to the numbers they had in December now that they are in sweeps (when the stories should be drawing viewers in) then that is not very good. Issue is....in November of 2011 they had an event, it was sweeps too and they gained during that period. In August they had a two week hiatus for the Olympics, they left the show at a cliffhanger at the end of July for the Olympics and when they came back they had a moderate gain....it wasn't sweeps but circumstances surrounding the story would have made people come back to see who died, or lived and what way the story was going. what is happening now is NOTHING.....we have no gains during a period of time that usually had some...the last time the show didn't gain during sweeps was 2012....and soon after MarDar were out the door.

On the demos, they aren't holding...they both fell this week and if the trend continues it's not a good sign....that is all I'm saying....a few moderate loses at sweeps has never been a good sign for Days....this year is probably no different...we'll see...

ON GH...you can't even begin to compare what is going on at GH with what is going at at Days...look at the 'this time last year' number and it tells you.....plus Frisco's return the previous week was HUGE for the show....if anything it states that Frisco's return is more popular than Laura's but the show is still 100% better than it was this time last year...the numbers don't lie.
when has sweeps ever made a difference for DOOL ratings when there was no stunt involved? Nov last year nope, May last year nope, Feb last year nope. You are only proving my point about DOOL not being able to retain its viewers after an event, its their NORMAL nothing to cause alarm as was earlier trying to made with the so called big swoop fall ala 2010.

The comparison to GH was simply to show, that when it comes to week in to week, falls do happen and if for eg they keep hitting 1.8s, last year won't matter because of where they were consistently for the past few months......this would be a more apt comparison for your DOOL 2010.
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