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EJ's past catches up with him. England files extradition papers with the United States. Seems he was even more of a criminal in England than he was in the US and they finally have all the proof consolidated. He is taken back to England and given a hopelessly long sentence. So long, ej.

The mystery inmate from Nick's past surfaces in Salem. He is out for revenge. Nick caused him to be put in solitary confinement for a week. Nick was also a prison snitch. Other inmates have secretly put a price on his head. Mystery Inmate will kill Nick and frame Gabi for it. All evidence points to Gabi. She goes to jail for a long time. Will and Sonny get the baby.

Rafe and Kate are still at it like rabbits.

With ej gone for good, Salem is dealing with the children who are all a little sad. She sets them up with a good Child psychitrist to help them. Lucas steps up to help Sami. The more time they spend together, the more their love rekindles. They decide to get married and make it stick this time. They both do "The Love Dare" on each other.

Kirsten totally loses it. She goes off the deep end and is hospitalized with no hope of recoveroy.

Brady swears off women for a time and goes to live in a monastery.

Eric stays a priest.

Nicole finds a new love interest. Someone we have not seen on the screen before.

Dr. "Can't Keep His Pants Zipped" Dan ends up with prostrate cancer.

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