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Feb 22 2013, 01:58 AM
Feb 17 2013, 08:38 PM
Feb 17 2013, 12:27 AM
Sonny and Will reunite.

Nick demands that Will give up his rights to the baby.

Gabi picks a special name for her baby.
Re: the bolded...I can't wait! I hope that we get some love scenes this week. We know that Freddie Smith is on-screen for four of the five episodes, so Chandler Massey's probably on for at least the same amount of time. I want them to reunite literally as well as figuratively!

For those who are complaining about it being "too soon", I'll note that it has been over a month, and we've seen that Sonny has never stopped loving Will during that time frame. Will's lie hurt Sonny, but it's not like Sonny had ever written Will out of his life completely, even with the lie, so it doesn't seem sudden to me. Certainly not as sudden as a certain blonde going from one man to another in less than one Salem day, at least...

Re: the italicized...if this makes Will finally realize that Nick is an asshole who isn't looking out for Will or the baby's best interests at all, I'm all for it. I'm beyond ready for everyone to know exactly who and what Nick really is. In any case, Nick needs to get used to the fact that this is not, and will never be, his baby.

Maybe Nick's obsessed with Will's baby because he somehow knows that he can never have children of his own, and the knowledge that some "gay boy" is more fertile than he will ever be has threatened his fragile little ego.

Re: the underlined...I really hope that it isn't "Arianna", but it probably will be. In any case, if Will isn't a part of this "decision", then I'm going to be pissed. But he probably won't be, because Gabi has already proven that she's a horrible "friend" to Will. She'll probably name the baby Arianna Jessica after her sister and Nick's mother (whom she has never even met) or something equally inappropriate and disrespectful to Will.
I don't see how naming her baby after her sister,who was killed in an accident is disrespectful to Will or inappropriate.It's a common practice to name babies after beloved relatives who have died.I honestly don't think Will as he is being written would object to Gabi naming the baby after her sister and I don't think it's likely she would name her after Nick's mother.She might name her after her sister and Alice or Caroline.
It would be nice if Will could have a say in the naming process. Gabby should ask Will to help her name the baby. But she probably will not.
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