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Feb 23 2013, 06:42 PM
Feb 23 2013, 03:22 PM
Harlee Kin
Feb 23 2013, 03:17 PM
I REALLY hope they don't kill Nick, why bother? Just to get rid of the character? Sami kills him, nothing will happen. EJ won't waste his time. Will kills him? That would be interesting as Nick outed his first murder attempt and he can go to jail for that, but that won't happen either. The guy about to get out of jail? He kills him, okay but anticlimactic.
Nick's on parole, and he's already actively committing a federal offense (eavesdropping, recording without permission) and he's about to attempt blackmail. My guess is he'll just get his parole revoked, that way if TIIC want to bring him back, they can.
Omg. Is eaves dropping a federal offence in the u.s. ????
In most states and by federal law, you can usually record someone if one of the people in the conversation is aware of the recording. However, in some states, both people must be aware. However, using a listening device to record or even hear a private conversation between two individuals with a reasonable expectation of privacy is against federal wiretapping laws as a well as state laws. (It's a little nebulous if Nick's device only amplified the sound and didn't record it, but he recorded it.) If you record those conversations with intent to blackmail, it's massively illegal in most states and violates federal law.

It's not illegal to accidentally overhear a conversation in a public place.

Nick's original accidental over hearing of Lucas and Will: not illegal. His listening device shenanigans? Totally completely illegal. Oddly enough, since Nick's actions are intent to blackmail, as opposed to extortion (which is for money or goods specifically), means he'd probably face less stiff penalties, at least on the federal level. That is, unless you could prove that his motive was based on Will's sexuality, which would be a civil rights violation.
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