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I generally don't mind CB, but my puppy did freak out each time she screamed during a contraction.

I thought the show was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed everyone ripping on Sami and I liked that even Everett implied she acted poorly. But mostly I loved all the different interactions -- Rafe/Will, Kate/Nick were especially good. The prayer circle was a little hokey, but I did kind of like it. I kept thinking that when Maxine told her story, Kayla should have mentioned having experience with early labor too. Then I remembered that hers didn't stop and that's probably not the message she wanted to give Gabi at the time.

While I was squicked out by the idea of Kate and Rafe, I have to admit that I love how it changes the dynamic of this whole thing. Now instead of two teams, there are kind of three, at least in that Rafe, Kate, and Lucas are all advocating that it's best to let Will and Gabi work this thing out. I'm interested in seeing how this dynamic plays out as things get more heated. Can Kate and Rafe help find some middle ground before an all out war breaks out?

I also love how the story is playing out with Nick. I think it's pretty clear that what promots Nick to go through with the blackmail is his belief that he has to get Sami out of Gabi's life. I'm not saying he doesn't want Will out too, but his final straw was Sami. And since I love to see Sami's ridiculousness blow up in her face, I'm okay with that -- mostly because I'm sure Nick's blackmail threat doesn't work in the end. In case it's not clear, I don't want Nick to win. I just don't want Sami to win either. I want Will and Gabi to win and if everyone would just get out of their faces, they would.
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